Local History Interest Group, Friday, September 18, 2015

PLSHQ Large Meeting Room, 10:00-12:00




Sue Reding, Arcade; Chris Ryan, Avon; Renate Goff, Caledonia; Terry Dearing, Dansville; Theresa Osborn, Geneva; Joyce Gardner and Theresa Streb, Lyons; June Hamell and Stacey Wicksall, Macedon; Blanche Warner, Naples; Kristina Braell, Palmyra; Jessica Pacciotti, Perry; Brenda Becker, Rose; Carol Garland, Sodus; William Miller, Walworth; Kim Iraci, Williamson

Working group purpose

To collaboratively create a system-wide plan for managing local history collections in order to improve access to local history materials, share resources, and prevent duplication of efforts.

Brainstorm: who, what, why

For example:
  • what materials do we alredy have?
  • what role does local history collections play in general collection policies?
  • why/how are local history materials important to the community?
  • who are our users of historical materials?
  • what are the ideal ways to provide access to access?
  • what are our needs for preserving physical materials?
  • what is the role of digitization?
  • how can we collaborate with each other?

Identify next steps

  • Project plan?
  • Next meeting
  • Action items

Communication plan

  • Best way(s) to keep everybody - working group, PLS community - in the loop?
  • Get feedback from libraries not represented in the working group?


  • Run inventories of local history collections! - ALL
  • Create Local History Interest Group email list - Lindsay
  • Write up notes, submit highlights to PLS-L, PLS Notes - Lindsay
  • Schedule next meeting for November - Lindsay

White board notes

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