Linux vs Active Directory

In an effort to improve security, increase managability and extend the life of technology resources we have settled on two primary solutions. Linux LTSP and Microsoft Active Directory. We also show our legacy DeepFreeze option for comparison purposes. See the table below.

Note: These results reflect our currently supported environment. For example you can run many Windows games on Linux or Steam but we are not currently setup to support that functionality.

  Linux Active Directory Windows with DeepFreeze
Lifetime of client computer 8+ Years 5 Years (Without hardware Upgrades) 5 Years (Without hardware Upgrades)
Operating System Updates Automatic Nightly Nightly when power on Manual process
Application Updates Automatic Nightly Automatic with exceptions Manual process with the help of Ninite
Operating System Upgrades Managed Process Managed Process Suprise upgrades during manual updates
Session Management Libki Cassie Cassie
Session Statistics Libki / Activity Monitor Cassie Only Cassie Only
Print Release WebPrintRelease Cassie Cassie
Performance Excellent Excellent Good to Poor
Purge patron data on reboot Yes Yes Yes
Prevent system changes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Shutdown Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Startup Yes No No
Remote Support Yes Yes Unmanaged
Computer Replace/Reimage 5 Minutes 2 Hours 2+ Hours
Roblox No Yes Yes
Browser based Yes Yes Yes
Windows Games No Yes Yes
Minecraft Yes and No Yes Yes
Microsoft Office Free Online Only Yes Yes
Libre Office Yes Yes Yes
Internet Explorer No Yes Yes
Google Chrome Yes Yes Yes
Firefox Yes Yes Yes
Java Yes Yes Yes
Wired Yes Yes Yes
Wireless Yes but slow with additional hardware Yes Yes
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