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Legislative Items

Open Meetings Law and Videoconferencing (In Committee)

S7261 (Hoylman). Status: In committee.

Relates to videoconferencing at public meetings and requiring that the minutes of a public meeting at which videoconferencing is used reflect such fact and the extent of such participation.


Open Meetings Law and Document Availability (Signed by Governor)

S1150A (Kaplan). Status: Signed by Governor

Relates to making certain documents available for open meetings


Streamline & Modernize Library Program Requirements (Signed by Governor)

S6511 (Ryan) / A7021 (Jean-Pierre). Status: Passed Senate & Assembly. Awaiting delivery to Governor.

These technical amendments replace outdated provisions with new language to consolidate and modernize programs and, streamline planning and reporting requirements to improve efficiency.


Training for Library Trustees (Signed by Governor)

S4435B (May) / A6121B (Jean-Pierre) Status: Passed Senate & Assembly. Awaiting delivery to Governor.

If enacted, this bill would ensure that those choosing to serve their libraries as a trustee have comprehensive training, reflective of their communities, each year.


Increased Access to the Library Construction Program (Passed Senate and Assembly)

S5753A (Ryan) / A7060A (Jean-Pierre) Status: Passed Senate & Assembly. Awaiting delivery to Governor.

If signed by the Governor, this bill would allow library systems, who are responsible for distributing the Program funds to their libraries, greater flexibility.


Access to E-Books (Passed Senate and Assembly)

S2890B (May) / A5837B (Jean-Pierre) Status: Delivered to the Governor.

This bill would require that publishers who offer electronic books to the private market, also extend licenses to libraries within the State, without discrimination.

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