Director Briefing - January 10, 2023

State of the State

The main points Governor Hochul made in her State of the State, were her priorities to make sure New York is safer and more affordable. She would like to create jobs and opportunities, open doors to communities, and continue to protect people’s rights.

The 2023 State of the State Book is now available (high-level overview).

Here is a link to the book:

One point that is particularly awesome is that Civil Service reform is mentioned on page 249! It looks like the work of the NYLA Civil Service Committee is paying off.

Construction Needs Assessment FY 2023-2027 from Suzanne

The Division of Library Development (DLD) is requesting assistance updating the list of statewide public library building construction needs. This information is critical for the State Aid for Library Construction Program.

Please fill out this form with your estimated construction and renovation needs for the period of January 1, 2023 - December 31, 2027. The needs listed should not be constrained by the amount of available or anticipated funding or whether you are currently considering a Construction Aid project. It is simply what would be done if funding was available (think Wish List).

DLD strongly encourages libraries to consider projects around sustainability, accessibility, and broadband access. When adding projects concerning ADA and accessibility, please be sure to use inclusive language (click here for some helpful resources for inclusive words and terms). As a reminder, routine maintenance and repairs do not count as construction.

Please complete this from by Friday, January 13, 2023. If there are any questions, please email Suzanne at

Additionally, please save the date for the FY 2024 State Aid for Library Construction Info Session. There have been many changes/updates to the program, so I would strongly recommend attending if you plan on applying for aid in the next three years (FY 2024, FY 2025, and FY 2026).

PLSDAC Follow-Up

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend PLSDAC on Friday, January 6, 2023 .

One of the bigger items from that meeting is that money (cash and checks) can no longer be sent through delivery. Please let your front-line staff know. Processing lost/damaged items can happen locally in any way that follows your policies. There is a recommendation in the System Memo - Invoicing for Lost Materials and Money Traveling Through Delivery document. To make it easier, we can also provide a report so you can invoice libraries for those payments.

I'm happy to talk through any of the items on the PLSDAC Agenda that you have questions or thoughts about.

Prefab Member Library Websites

Now that the site is up and running, we're going to start focusing on updating the design of the Prefab website template. Our first meeting with our developer is tomorrow, so I'll hopefully have more information and a timeline after that. We're using the same design team that did for us, so it should look sharp when it's done. We'll reach out to libraries as we finish the design and transfer your sites over to the new multi-site.

SWANK Movie Licensing from Kelly

Our movie licensing will be expiring on 3/31/23. There will be no price increase for this years renewal (4/1/23-3/31/24). Pricing information is attached. For those libraries that currently have a license, your price renewal is in the last column under the Current Renewal column. For libraries that are interested in purchasing a movie license, your pricing will depend on how many total libraries join. If 20 to 29 libraries join, your pricing will be under that Group Rate column but if we have 30 to 42 libraries join your pricing will be under that Group Quote column.

The outdoor exception is continuing for all of 2023. This allows for films to be shown outdoors at the library as long as the form found on this link is sent in for approval, and the guidelines listed are followed: There is no longer a list, but the libraries can request any film covered by the annual license for approval with the outdoor exception, and as long as there are no outdoor date restrictions, for the date requested, Swank will approve the request by email within 2-3 days.

Please let me know if your library would like to join/renew by Friday, January 20, 2023.

FAQs regarding movie licensing.pdf

Pricing 4.1.23-3.31.24.xlsx

ILL Request Update from Kathryn

Please email with any out-of-system ILL requests until further notice.

Be sure to include as much of the following information as possible:

Library name Staff contact information (can be your email signature) Format (book or article, etc.) Title Author/Editor Date of publication ISBN/ISSN Will patron accept electronic copy if available?

This information will trigger a message in our ticketing system. Remember: items need to have been published in 2020 or earlier to be eligible for out-of-system ILL requests.
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