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PLSHQ Web metadata form

Name Type Size Values Tooltip message
DepartmentName Select 1 Unknown, Administration, Cataloging, Collection Services, Continuing Education, CANS, Inter-library Loan (ILL), Marketing/PR, Outreach, Training, Youth Services, Who is responsible?
TopicType select 1 Unknown, Conference Report, Documentation, Form, Index, Informational, Meeting Notes, Workshop Notes, Plan, Policy, Procedure, Presentation What sort of document is it?
TopicSubject checkbox 6 ALA, All Staff Committee, Evergreen, Monthly Report, NYLA, NYSLAA, Other Conference, Personnel, PLS, PLS Procedures, PLS Tech, Professional Staff, Staff Meeting, Statistics, YSS Main subject of the topic
TopicSummary text 50   a brief description of the topic.
Year checkbox 10 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 Year
IncludesRtForm select 1 No, Yes  
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