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Patron Standing, Status, and Alerts



Various factors impact a patron's record and the patron's ability to borrow library materials. The Evergreen Staff Client displays these factors in several ways, giving staff advance warning of potential problems and information to use to resolve the problems prior to initiating a circulation transaction.

Standing and Status

Standing refers to the account's ability to be used for circulation. An account is in either good standing - materials can be checked out, or bad standing - materials cannot be checked out.

An account in "good standing" may also have outstanding issues, such as overdue materials or bills, that should be resolved even if they do not yet prevent circulation.

Status refers to the variety of outstanding issues, also called penalties. Standing and status are displayed in the Patron Account> Summary using colored borders and indicators.

Name border color

The patron's name displays with a colored border. The border color indicates the major standing/status of the record. An account can have several penalties, but only the most severe will be reflected by the border color. As penalties are resolved, the border color will change.
  • Green - Good standing, no penalties
    PatronAccount Border Green.jpg
  • Orange - Bills, overdue, lost materials
    PatronAccount Border Orange.jpg
  • Yellow - Patron alert
    PatronAccount Border Yellow.jpg
  • Blue - Invalid phone number
    PatronAccount Border Blue.jpg
  • Purple - Bad standing, blocked because of maximum bills, maximum overdues
    PatronAccount Border Purple.jpg
  • Black - Inactive
    PatronAccount Border Black.jpg
  • Dark grey - Expired
    PatronAccount Border Grey.jpg
  • Red Orange - Barred
    PatronAccount Border Red.jpg

Parenthetical indicators

Below the name, parenthetical notes indicate the presence of penalties; an account may have multiple penalties, and penalities do not necessarily mean that the patron record is in bad standing. Click an indicator to go to the relevant part of the patron account. As penalties are resolved, the indicators will disappear.

  • Has Bills, Has Overdues, Has Lost - orange
  • Maximum Bills, Maximum Overdues - purple
  • Alert, See Notes, - red orange
  • Barred - red
  • In-Active, Expired - black
  • Invalid Phone - blue
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