Inter-library Loan Documentation

PLSHQ ILL Staff procedures

Rt ticket for request

Request tracking:
  • Initial message with request from library send to RT queue ILL-general from online form
  • PLS staff change subject to: (R) Library - Title, add requesting library
  • PLS staff update with action take; i.e. "Request submitted", etc.
  • PLS staff update with addtional followup or action
  • PLS staff update with confirmation from UR
  • PLS staff update with item details after ILL item record created and item sent to requesting library/patron

ILL item record

  1. Open Cataloging > Create New MARC Record
  2. Select MARC template: RDA_text, click Load
  3. Enter:
    • 100 $a author field
    • 245 $a and $s, title and author; $b if subtitle - use format ILL - Title: subtitle | Fistname M Lastname
    • Click Save
  4. In OPAC View, click Add Copies
  5. Enter:
    • Call Number = ILL-barcode#
    • Barcode = strap barcode
    • Circ Lib = PLSHQ
    • Shelving Loc = ILL(PLSHQ)
    • Circ Mod = Inbound ILL
    • Copy Alert = Due date [date]. Contact PLSHQ for renewal requests.

Place Hold for requesting patron

  1. Refresh OPAC View, click Place Hold
  2. Patron barcode in RT Ticket


  1. Update and print date due label
  2. Cover lending institution due date and return information on strap


  1. Put book in manila envelope and blue envelope
  2. Label and put in delivery for requesting library

Update RT ticket

  1. Comment RT Ticket with:
    • Received date
    • TN - number from lending library, on strap
    • original lending library due date
    • Any notes, such as renewal
    • Date sent to requesting library
    • PLS due date
    • Evergreen title id
  2. Reply to RT Ticket, indicating that the item will be sent to the library, the due date, and any other notes

Receiving returned ILL items

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