Holds Notifications

Hold notification basics

  • Hold notifications are comprised of a METHOD (phone, email, SMS) and VALUE (phone number, email address, SMS number)
  • Notification preferences can be saved as defaults by staff in the User Settings section of the patron record AND by patrons from their OPAC account
  • Saved notification defaults are automatically filled in to the place hold form
  • Anyone placing a hold can manually enter notifications methods for that specific hold
  • When a new patron is registered, the record includes system default user settings for Phone and Email notify methods, but no values
  • Email notifications only use the email address in the patron record
  • Phone notifications will use the Daytime Phone Number or a saved Default Phone Number (these can be the same or different)
  • SMS notifications only use the SMS number saved in User Settings

Patron User Settings

  • When a patron has a Daytime Phone Number and/or an Email Address on file, those values do not need to be saved to User Settings, but the Phone and/or Email method must be selected
  • SMS number, carrier, and notify by must be purposefully saved as a default to autofill in the place hold form
  • At a minimum, the method must be saved as a default in order for the method to be auto-checked in the place hold form

User Settings - new patron default User Settings - custom default
Holds holdnotifications-usersetting NewRecordDefaults.png Holds holdnotifications-usersetting CustomDefaults.png
User Settings - Value entered, but no Method selected
Holds holdnotifications-usersetting ValueYesMethodNo.png

v.3 upgrade deletion of notification settings

As of 5/7/2019 notification defaults have been applied to all patron records (approximately 10, 300 of them) with hold notify settings
  • Email for patrons with email addresses in the record or Phone for patrons with no email address
  • This will not change any existing holds.
  • If you have known patrons who do not want notifications please update their records - there was no way to eliminate those records
The issue:
  • In the Evergreen version 3, a bug cleared the system default User Settings from some patrons’ records
  • When holds are placed on records with no saved User Settings hold notify methods, those fields in the hold form are UNCHECKED, meaning they will not be applied to the hold record
  • In most cases, notify values for Daytime Phone Number and Email will display, but because the method was unchecked notifications were not saved

Example Place Hold form where default User Settings were not checked:
Holds holdnotifications-usersetting missing-method PlaceHoldForm.png

Hold slips

  • Hold slips for holds processed in the web client ONLY print the hold notification methods/values applied to the hold record
    • This is a change from the desktop client, where some libraries’ hold slips included all the patron’s contact information, regardless of the hold notifications applied to the hold record

Hold Slip pop-up with no notifications Hold Slip pop-up with notifications
Holds holdnotifications-usersetting missing-method HoldSlip popup.png Holds holdnotifications-applied HoldSlip popup.png
Hold Slip print version with no notifications Hold Slip print version with notifications
Holds holdnotifications-usersetting missing-method HoldSlip.png Holds holdnotifications-applied HoldSlip.png

Verify hold notifications for a patron's holds

  • To the Patron > Holds list display add the columns Notifications Phone Number, Notifications SMS Number, Notify by Email?
    • Once added and the columns saved, these columns will display for all patrons

Patrons Hold List showing notify by columns:
Holds holdnotifications-PatronHolds MissingNotifications.png

Update hold notifications

  • Updating the User Settings will NOT update existing holds
  • After updating a patron’s User Settings, check the patron's Holds tab for existing holds that also need to be updated
  • Select the hold(s) to be updated, from the Actions menu select Edit Notifications Settings
  • Select the method AND enter the value

Edit Notifications Settings:
Holds holdnotifications-EditExisting.png
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