Evergreen New Features

3.0 (current version)

  • Web Client
  • 3 Day Courtesy Notice by SMS
  • Copy tags and digital bookplates
  • User Buckets / Batch edit patron records
  • Patron Search from Place Holds
  • "Canceled transit" terminology changed ("abort" replaced by "cancelled')
  • Group Fines display
  • Copy Location URLs
  • Suspend hold with Activate date when placing the hold


  • Alternate Patron Hold Pickup
  • Patron Billing Statement
  • Copy alert improvements (add copy alerts from item status, check in, check out, holdings maintenance; context specific; temporary or persistent)
  • Place Multiple Holds at Once (multiple, duplicate holds for one title for selected patron - such as for bookclub holds.)
  • Notifications column added to Items Out list (overdue notices and courtesy notices)
  • Clickable patron email addresses
  • Catalog search term highlighting
  • Catalog popularity badge display (optional)

Bug fixes

  • Fixes problem logging in from mobile browsers
  • Fixes performance issues with grid tooltips; tooltips will display the full cell contents
  • Holdings - web client remembers most recently selected item template
  • Holdings - adding or editing copies/volumes from Holdings View, the view will automatically refresh to show changes
  • Circulation - merging two accounts will completely purge the non-lead account from the database
  • Show In Catalog action retirned to Item Status grid
  • Staff can delete copy notes
  • Fixes "white screen" issue
  • Allows printing selected rows from Items Out
  • Holdings - fixes issues related to adding volumes and item and volume transfers
  • Fixes issue where deleted records appear ins earch results
  • Patron bills are now color coded by item's status
  • Printing/exporting catalog records


  • Patron acquisition requests
  • Inventory procedures; Update Inventory check in modifier
  • Auto-renewal of loans
  • Emergency closing process; closed dates editor re-designed
  • Patron preferred name; display in patron account in client, in OPAC, and available to receipts
  • Patron name keywords search
  • Browser Client settings and preferences saved to server
  • Catalog baskets - public catalog and staff catalog
  • Batch basket actions - place hold, print title details, add cart to saved list, clear cart; add to bucket staff only
  • Public catalog lists management page
  • Workstation settings stored on server (!!!) - save as user or library

Bug Fixes

  • Hatch deprecated for local data; still recommended for printing
  • Copy template dropdown list now wider to accommodate longer template names
  • Improvements to self-registered/pending patron management


Release date March 2019
  • Privacy waiver - allows other people to use someone else's account for place hold, pick up holds, view borrowing history, check out items; adds note to patron summary, set by staff or patron. does not link accounts, glorified note
  • View bookings/reservations in OPAC (template toolkit setting)
  • Dedicated parent/guardian field; searchable
  • MARC import/export re-design; improved tracking of imports
  • Re-designed staff client catalog view - preview mode can be enabled by library setting, still in development
  • Local Admin > Item Alert Types, Item Alert Suppression ???
  • Color coding back in Bills list (dark red = lost, etc.)
  • Inventory copy record fields, checkin modifier
  • colum configuration options

Issues 3.3.2

  • Permission APPLY_WORKSTATION_SETTING, example context saving table columns, denied for PLSTECH/Holdings Maintenance [see: https://evergreen-ils.org/documentation/release/RELEASE_NOTES_3_2.html ]
    • Same permission denied dialog also appears when:
      • toggling the show more/show fewer search options in patron search, but search options do display; appears related to stickiness of the search boxes, on starting a new search, expanded options do not persist
      • Changing list characteristics - columns, rows displayed
      • checking out an item…
      • checkin
      • Printer settings
      • Importing exported receipt templates - individual override for EVERY TEMPLATE
      • Search the catalog - opening from Cataloging menu, refreshing screen - 6 override dialogs open
      • Create new MARC - would expect a different permission denied when logged in as TECH; clicking cancel allows access to the MARC template. Attempt to save triggers CREATE_MARC permission denial
      • Edit Authority Record
      • Workstation Admin - search library, preferred library
      • Set checkin modifiers
      • From release notes: "Workstation setting types matching values previously stored in the browser (via localStorage or Hatch) are created as part of this feature. During upgrade, admins should consider whether any of these new setting types should be transferred to user and/or org unit settings instead. Setting type changes can be made at any time, but when a setting type is deleted all of its data is deleted, so a change in type means re-applying the settings in the browser client. Values stored in the browser will automatically migrate to server settings as each setting is accessed in the browser client. Once migrated, the in-browser copies are deleted. If a setting type does not exist where the browser expects one, the value is stored in-browser instead and a warning is issued in the console."
  • Check permissions for PLS Custom profiles, ex: CREATE_MARC, REMOTE_Z3950_Query for Super Cataloger
  • Override login saved
  • In Checkout, time options alignment weird
  • Patron > Other Acquisition Patron Requests
    • Permission user.request_create denied PLSTECH
    • Tested with testprefnameuser, confirmation message that request created, request not findable?
  • Acquisition Patron Requests - functionality, permissions, workflows, etc. - ??? Working ???
  • Reprint last receipt - still not working
  • Hold Shelf Slip / Hold Note - notes display in hold slip popup but do not print to slip. Added to bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/evergreen/+bug/1772053
  • Show Clearable Holds > Clear These Holds - does not work under any permission group (circ, tech, local admin, admin)
  • Change operator only works in active tab
  • Add preferred name values and if else code to Hold Slip (other?) slips
    • patron.pref_first_given_name
    • patron.pref_second_given_name
    • patron.pref_family_name
  • Add DOB hint (library settings)
  • Update receipt templates
  • Review inventory process

3.3.3 Updates

Documentation updates needed

  • Patron search, reg, and edit
    • Preferred name
    • Parent/guardian field
    • Allow others to use my account (User Settings)
  • Checkout - due time
  • Check in "Update Inventory" checkin modifier
  • Closed dates editor
  • Local Admin > Auto-print settings (3.0)
  • Add holdings (add copies), Holding Template Editor (admin)
  • search the catalog > basket actions, add holdings
  • MARC Import/Export (PLSHQ)
  • MARC Batch edit (PLSHQ)
  • Link Checker (PLSHQ)
  • Stored User Preferrences
  • New receipt template: Patron Data - prints the patron account information
  • Patron Billing Statement
  • Item alerts (http://masslnc.org/node/2764)


Release date October 2019
  • Aged Bilings and Payments
  • Remote patron authentication and retrieval
  • Booking module refresh
  • Improvements to OPAC email/printing
  • RBDigital integration (also other e-resource vendors with open APIs; no suport for Kindle resources/devices as per Amazon policy)
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