Barcode Scanner Configuration Instructions


Only needed for new scanners, see Configuration to reprogram a scanner

USB (Thin rectangular connector)

  1. Plug the USB scanner cable into any open USB port on the computer.
  2. Follow any onscreen prompts and then proceed to Configuration.

PS/2 (Round connector)

  1. Shut down the computer.
  2. Unplug the keyboard cord from the computer, then plug it into Y adapter on the scanner cable.
  3. Plug the scanner cable into the back of the computer where the keyboard was plugged in.
  4. Turn the computer back on.
  5. Follow any onscreen prompts and then proceed to Configuration.


  1. The machine the scanner is attached to must be powered on. No particular program needs to be running to complete the configuration.
  2. Print the PDF file EvergreenBarcodeScannerConfiguration08-Aug-2014.pdf (Preferably using a laser printer). All the remaining instructions reference the barcodes found in that file.
  3. Determine if you have a USB (Thin rectangular connector) or a PS2 (round connector) scanner. For USB scanners, follow the directions with the letter 'a' after them (e.g. 1a.), for PS2 scanners use the 'b' directions (e.g. 1b.)
  4. Scan barcodes 3a to 6a (USB Only) or 3b to 6b (PS2 Only) in order. If you have a PS2 scanner, you will now need to reboot.
  5. Optional: Scan the bar code for Auto Trigger or Presentation Mode (recommended if the scanner is used in a stand)
    • If setting up a PS2 Scanner you will need to reboot now for the changes to take effect.
  6. Open Notepad and scan the "TEST123" barcode at the bottom of the PDF page twice (Barcode 8 in the PDF). If it prints TEST123 to the window on two consecutive lines, you have successfully configured your barcode scanner. If not, repeat the directions and reboot the computer. If it still doesn't work, call PLS
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