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Most loans can be renewed, or borrowed for additional loan periods. The potential number of renewals depend on:
  • The type of materials - Print books and audiobooks can be renewed for two additional loan periods, videos usually allow one renewal, special materials like new items may have no renewals. Individual libraries determine if and how often loans can be renewed.
  • Demand - Renewals are blocked when there are other library patrons waiting to borrow the item
The allowed renewals for a given circulation can be viewed from the patron account > Items Out list.

NOTE: Only renew items that are overdue or close to their due date! A renewal will start a new circulation and calculate the new due date from the renewal date, it does not add extra time to the exisitng loan.

Renewal options

Staff can renew a patron's loans from the staff client by scanning the item in the Renew Items function, or, if the patron does not have the items in hand, staff can look up the patrons account and renew loans from the Items Out list.

Patrons can renew their own loans by logging in to their online accounts.

Overdues, fines, and renewals

Loans can be renewed when the loan is overdue and accruing fines. Loans can be renewed, and fines finalized, even if the patron is blocked from checking out new materials due to fines of $5.00 or more, or 5 or more overdue items.

PLS recommends that staff renew any overdue loans to finalize the overdue bill before accepting payment for overdue materials bills.

Renew Items

Renew Items allows stff to quickly renew a borrowed item by scanning the item barcode. Similar to checkout, Renew Items supports renewing with a specific due date and printing a receipt for the renewal transaction.

  1. Open the Circulation Menu
  2. Select Renew Items
    • If a special due date is required, set the Specific Due date
  3. Scan the item barcode

WebClient RenewItems.jpg

Renew Items from Patron's Items Out

  1. Retrieve the patron's account
  2. Click Items Out
  3. Select the loan(s) to renew
  4. Click Actions, or right click
  5. Click Renew option
    • Renew to renew only the selected loan(s) for another standard loan period
    • Renew All to renew all loans, even if not selected, for another standard loan period
    • Renew With Specific Due Date to renew the selected loan(s) for a custom loan period
  6. Click OK/Continue in the Renew Items? confirmation
    • If renewing with soecific due date, use the calendar gadget to set the due date
  7. The list will refresh, the renewed item will move to the bottom of the list, and the Renewals Remaining will decrease by one

WebClient ItemsOut Renew.png

Patron Renew Items Online

Patrons can renew their own loans from their online account.
  1. Login at https://owwl.org/
  2. Click Items Checked Out
  3. Check the loans to renew
  4. At Renew Selected Titles click Go
  5. At the confirmation click OK

OpacMyaccount ItemsCheckedOut Renew.png


If there is a "waiting for copy" hold on the same title record as the copy being renewed, the hold will fail.

Staff will see the same alert using either Renew Items or renew from Item Status. Staff have permissions to override, or force, the renewal. Do so ONLY if there are other copies available for the hold.
WebClient RenewItems FailureHold.png

Verify available copies from Renew Items
  1. Open Item Status in a new tab, scan the item
  2. From Item Status, click the Title to open the catalog record
  3. If there are other available copies, go back to Renew Items
  4. Force the renewal
Verify available copies from Items Out
  1. Cancel the renewal failure
  2. Click the Title in the Items Out list to open the catalog record
  3. If there are other available copies, click the browser back arrow to return to the patron's Items Out
  4. Repeat the renewal process and for the renewal

Patrons will see a similar failure note, but will not be able to override the hold failure:
OpacMyaccount ItemsCheckedOut Renew FailureHold.png


Automatic renewals were enabled in November 2019. Patrons will not need to log in to their online accounts or ask staff to renew their loans. Circulation rules will be configured to include a maximum number renewals and a maximum number of auto-renewals. Using current configurations, "Default" circ modifier materials would have a maximum of 2 renewals, and one or both renewals could be automatic.

When an item is successfully auto-renewed, the patron will receive a confirmation email with the new due date. If the auto-renewal fails, the patron will receive an email with the failure reason, for example "Circulation has no more auto-renewals remaining."

Automatic Renewals will be visible in a column in the patron's Items Out list.
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