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Circulation Modifiers

Evergreen v.2.2


Circulation modifiers roughly correspond to types of materials, and are a key component of CirculationRules which define how long something circulates.

They also help define HoldRules, but are separate from hold restrictions. For example, restricting holds on new items is handled using Holds Age Based Hold Protection, NOT the "New [item type]" circ modifier.

When short-term circulation rules are used - such as for new materials - the "New [item type]" circulation modifier must be manually updated to the regular circulation modifier, when the item is no longer new and should circulate for the normal, longer duration.


  • Computer - use for public access PCs that are "checked out" to patrons
  • Default - use for all materials (such as books and audiobooks) that do not have special circulation characteristics as defined by other modifiers
  • Equipment - use for items such as projectors, cassette players, etc.
  • Inbound ILL - used only by PLSHQ staff
  • Limited Loan - use for materials that have short circulation characteristics
  • Magazine - use for magazine items
  • New Item - use for new materials, any type
  • New Magazine - use for new magazines
  • New Video - use for new videos
  • PLS Book Discussion Kit - used only by PLSHQ staff
  • PLS Kit - used only by PLSHQ staff
  • Realia - use for 3-dimensional objects, such as toys, games, etc.
  • Reference - use for non-circulating reference materials, including local history
  • Rental - used only by the Dansville Library
  • Seasonal - use for holiday or similar materials that have limited circulation during specific times of the year
  • Video - use for videorecordings and videorecording sets; use LoanDuration "Long" for items that circulate for three weeks, such as TV series or instructional DVDs.
  • Videogame -use for video game materials
  • eReader - use for e-book devices such as the Nook Color, Kindle, Sony Reader, iPad, Kobo, etc.
  • Video Set - use for multi-disc DVD sets, such as television series
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