Inter-Library Loan Circulation


When no PLS libraries own a particular item needed by a patron, libraries can request, on behalf of the patron, the item from a non-PLS source. For more information about ILL policies and requesting materials, see: Interlibrary Loan Request.

For any additional questions regarding ILLs - policy, requests, circulation, etc. - please contact Kathryn Riedener at PLSHQ.

Very important details

  • Fee:
    • 5.00 is charged back to library PER REQUEST regardless of whether or not the item is secured. Libraries determine whether or not they will collect this fee from their patrons.
    • PLS will re-bill libraries on a bi-monthly basis
    • Any ILLs requiring special fees must be handled directly between the member library and the owning library
  • Due dates:
    • are established by the providing library
    • INCLUDE delivery time to and from PLSHQ and any time spent on the hold shelf
    • Do NOT correspond to local library loan periods and MUST BE MANUALLY edited
  • Renewals:
    • MUST be handled by PLSHQ ILL Staff
    • May or may not be granted
    • Not allowed for non-book items

Prepare the ILL Request

Use the forms found at Interlibrary Loan Request and fill out all required fields, particularly the patron's first and last name (as it appears in Evergreen) and barcode number.

Always search WorldCat prior to submitting the form. Including the Accession Number, also known as the OCLC number (located within the WorldCat record) will help expedite the ILL request.

Processing at PLSHQ

  • Request form is received by PLSHQ ILL staff
  • Form is submitted to ILL provider
  • ILL provider notifies PLSHQ ILL Staff that the item is available or not
    • If item is not available, PLSHQ ILL STaff will contact your library
  • Available items are sent to PLSHQ
  • PLSHQ ILL Staff create a brief record for the ILL item
  • Item is labeled with pertinent loan details: "due at PLSHQ by" date, renewal limits, item notes, etc.
  • PLSHQ ILL staff place a hold on the item for the requesting patron
  • Item status is made "in transit", and sent to library in delivery

Receive the item at the library

  • Library staff scan the item in Check In
  • The Hold is made available and patron notified - if the item has a short loan period, contact the patron ASAP, the time spent on the hold shelf IS INCLUDED IN the overall loan period
  • Do NOT remove the ILL band or any labels


  • Open Check Out and SET THE SPECIAL DUE DATE
    • ILL items do NOT circulate according to your local loan periods.
    • These items have due dates established by the ILL provider.
    • The due date listed on the band is the final date by which the item must be back at PLSHQ in order to return it to the provider on time. PLS gets delivery to and from ILL providers 2 times per week ONLY.
      • If any one item is not returned to the provider on time, all ILL privileges will be blocked for all PLS libraries!
  • Scan the item
  • Be sure to ALERT THE PATRON to the special due date - IT WILL NOT MATCH WHAT IS PRINTED ON THE LABEL


  • ALL renewals MUST be referred to PLSHQ ILL Staff, at least ONE DAY prior to the due date
  • PLSHQ ILL Staff contact the providing library to request the renewal
  • If the renewal is granted, PLSHQ ILL Staff update the due date in the patron's account and will contact the requesting library
  • Renewal requests MAY NOT be granted and PLSHQ ILL Staff will contact the requesting library
  • Even if a renewal is granted, the item may be recalled by the providing library BEFORE the renewed due date - your patron MUST return the item as soon as they are notified

Return to PLSHQ

  • Scan the item in Check In
  • Put the item in an envelope then place in delivery to PLSHQ

Example ILL item

ILL Checkout ExampleItem-labelled.png
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