Circulation to Correctional Facilities


PLS Outreach Services provides support and lending services to six correctional facilities. Attica (ILL-ACF), Groveland (ILL-GCF), Wyoming (ILL-WCF), and the Ontario County Jail.

Correctional facility user records

Name format
  • First Name - Attica
  • MIddle Name - Correctional Facility ILL
  • Last Name - ILL-ACF


Home Library

Patron Permission Group
  • Correctional

Correctional facility circulation policies

ALERT! Correctional Facilities circulation policies are based on PLSHQ as their Circulation Library - all Correctional Facility checkouts and renewals should be handled by PLS Outreach Servcies. If a member library is contacted directly by a Correctional Facility regarding holds, checkouts, and/or renewals, please refer the issue to PLS Outreach Services.

Loan duration
  • All materials - 6 weeks, 1 renewal
  • Loan duration includes time for delivery - facilities receive delivery only once per week.

Fine rate
  • Fine free
  • Billed for Lost Materials

Correctional Facility hold policies

Correctional Facilities are prevented from requesting New Video and New Item materials.


Correctional Facilities place their own holds and renew items via the OPAC. Other circulation tasks are handled by PLSHQ. Please refer any questions to PLS Outreach Services.

When Correctional Facility holds are captured by member libraries, they will be routed to PLSHQ for processing.

Correctional Facility loans are returned to PLSHQ and then routed to the owning library or other hold destination.

Lost Material bills and payments

When materials borrowed by Correctional Facilities become overdue to the point of being made lost, bills are sent from PLSHQ. PLSHQ invoices, receives, and processes all lost material payments; checks for lost materials payments are cut by PLSHQ and disbursed to member libraries, lost materials bills are cleared from the Correctional Facilities' user accounts by PLS.
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