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The catalog View Holds tab displays all holds placed in the record selected, including Title, Volume, and Copy holds.

Filter by Pickup Library

The Holds List display defaults to your workstation library, displaying only holds for pickup at your library. Select OWWL to see all holds placed for pickup at any library.

Display Columns

Use the Column Picker to change which data columns display, and their display order. The columns you select depend on how you use the list. Minimally, selecting Potential Copies, Request Date, Capture Date, Status, Pickup Library, and Hold Type are recommended columns.

Detail View

The Detail View provides full information about the hold, including notification types and values. This is also where staff and public hold notes can be created and viewd.

Hold Notes

If present, hold notes will display at the bottom of the hold detail view. The notes display with title in bold, the body of the note in a grey square, and boxes specifying note characteristics, including:
  • Print on Slip - requires slip customizations that are not yet working
  • Patron Visible - displays the note in the patron's online account holds list and the staff client
  • Staff Visible - displays only int he staff clie3nt
  • Staff Created - currently all hold notes are staff created.

Staff Notifications

Allows staff to manually add a record of contacting the patron about an available hold.
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