Web Client - Retrieve Bib Record by Database ID


Every title (bibliographic) record has a unique ID number on the Evergreen database. This number can be used to retrieve a record directly.

Using the record ID is an easy way to point to an exact record, such as when reporting a cataloging error or when somebody else at a different workstation or location needs to retrieve a record.

The Record ID appears:
  • Labeled the "Database ID" is the Catalog Record Summary view
    WebClient Catalog RecordSummary.png
  • As "Document ID" in the column picker options for various lists
    WebClient Catalog RecordDocumentId.png
  • At the end of the Staff Client catalog record page URL
    WebClient Catalog RecordStaffClientURL.png
  • In the public catalog record URL
    WebClient Catalog RecordOpacURL.png
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