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Automatic Renewals


Automatic renewals were rolled out in November 2019 for all PLS member libraries.

Evergreen automatically attempts to renew eligible items on their due date. This will normally be in the early morning of an item's due date, between 1:00am and 4:00am, although there will sometimes be exceptions.

When Evergreen attempts an automatic renewal, it acts almost as if the patron had accessed their account via the OPAC and attempted to renew their item(s) on the due date. In general, if a manual renewal would have failed, the automatic renewal will fail, too. This means that, among other situations, Evergreen will attempt an automatic renewal and then fail if:
  • The item is not allowed to be renewed at all
  • There is a hold on the title
  • The maximum number of renewals has already been reached
  • The patron's library card has expired
It is important to note that Evergreen will only attempt an automatic renewal on the item's due date. That means that if the automatic renewal attempts and then fails because there was a hold on the title, Evergreen will NOT attempt another automatic renewal on the next day, even if the hold has been filled and the automatic renewal would be successful.

In general, the number of available automatic renewals will be equal to the number of total available renewals.


If a patron has a valid email on their account, they will receive an email notification after Evergreen attempts an automatic renewal. The email will specify whether the attempt succeeded or failed. If a patron has multiple items due on the same day, the patron will receive one single email that lists each item and whether or not the automatic renewal was successful.

Troubleshooting Automatic Renewals

Help! An Item Didn't Auto-Renew for a Patron as Expected

If an item didn't auto-renew, check the bulleted list above of situations that might cause an auto-renewal to fail. Is there a hold on the item? Is it an item that doesn't allow renewals? Are there any renewals left? Has the patron's library card expired?

If you cannot determine with certainty why the automatic renewal failed, please email PLS ( evergreen at ) with the patron's barcode and, if possible, the item barcode of the item that failed to auto-renew. We can investigate further.

Checking Automatic Renewals on Patrons' Records

You can view whether or not an item that's checked out to a patron that has been renewed was automatically renewed.

Select the "Auto Renewal" option from the list of available columns when viewing a patron's items out. If a column is marked "Yes," the most recent transaction for that checkout was an auto-renewal. Please note that a "No" in this field doesn't mean that an item cannot be auto-renewed, only that the item has not been recently auto-renewed.

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