Historical Newspapers

Master List

This list attempts to pull together a master list of OWWL-area historical newspapers. It draws from a variety of sources and is an attempt to link OWWL library holdings, digital versions, MARC record sources, etc.

The list is maintained as a Google spreadsheet and is viewable here: Local History - OWWL Area Historical Newspapers (in progress!)

Catalog records


http://evergreen.owwl.org/eg/opac/record/137130 - Lake shore news


  • Desired standards for title records
  • Desired standards for library holdings
    • single summary statements (statement describing all volumes held)
    • itemized (such as for microfilm reels or bound print)
    • itemized summary (such as date ranges of loose print)

856 - Electronic Location and Access fields

  • 856 field - inserts "Electronic resources" box, as for Overdrive downloadable materials and other items with online resources
  • 1st indicator 4 - specifies HTTP access
  • 2nd indicator 1 - specifies online materials are a version of the resource
  • Subfield $3 - statement describing the matrials accessed by the field/subfield $u
    • "provided and maintained by [fultonhistory.com or NYS Historic Newspapers] "
  • Subfield $u - URL for digital resource, may be repeated if more than one URL is applicable
    • URL of main directory for the title
  • Subfield $y - Link text for the URL, provides a descriptive, horter version of the URL
    • "Various issues: [date range], [date range]"
Standards - http://www.loc.gov/marc/bibliographic/bd856.html

Example flat text MARC edit:
 =856 41$yVarious issues: 1870-1960$uhttp://pioneerlibrarysystem.advantage-preservation.com/search?t=31804$3Provided and maintained by Pioneer Library System and Advantage Preservation

Other MARC

  • Fixed field - Form: a = microfilm (inserts film icon in additional to serial icon), o = electronic (if no physical holdings; no associated icon yet)

Copy record item attributes

  • Location/Collection - Local History or other
  • Circulate? - No
  • Holdable? - No
  • Circulation Modifier - Reference
  • Reference? - Yes
  • Age Level - Adult
  • Annual Report Category - if Microfilm = other print material
  • Collection Development - ??
    • add new? - historical/archival
  • Electronic File Format - NA
  • Fiction/Nonfiction - NA
  • Genre - NA
  • Physical Format - ??
    • add new: Microfilm (added), Bound Volume, etc.
    • What about postcards/clippings, other ephemera? - TBD
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