Local History Interest Group Meeting - Friday, September 30, 2016

Digitizing PLS microfilm

PLS has money dedicated to digitize PLS member libraries' microfilm. We have a budget, a list of candidate titles/reels, and quotes for digitization. Our total number of reels surpass our budget, so we need to prioritize our list and decide what we want to do.

File naming for NY Historic Newspapers

Follow up on inventories

Using print collections in conjunction with Ancestry?

For example : Catalogue of Revolutionary war pension and bounty-land-warrant application files ; American Revolutionary war service records and general index


Ancestry.com New York

FREE access for New York residents to some sub-set of Ancestry content: http://www.archives.nysed.gov/research/res_ancestry.shtml

Limited to just NYS records (so less then our system subscription) but a possible option for at-home use. Some weird quirks related to access to content and creating "free personal accounts".

Let's learn about the New York State Archives


Grant opportunities

County Working groups

Next steps, what do we want to accomplish?, how?

Defining what constitutes "local history collections" in our libraries


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