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The Administration Menu provides access to functions related to managing and configuring Evergreen.

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The Workstation function most useful to lirary staff are the print configuration functions.

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Disable sounds?

Checking this button turns off audio alerts.

Default search Library

PLS Recommends using "OWWL" as the default search, to return the broadest set of search results.

Preferred Library

Set this to your library. This will result in your library's holdings sorting to the top of a search result list.

Advanced Search Default Pane

Leave this at the default.

User Permission Editor

PLS Staff use only

Server Administration

PLS Staff use only

Local Administration

Most Local Administration functions are limited to PLS Staff only. The following functions relate to member library workflows and tasks:

Acquisitions Administration

Not currently used by PLS member libraries.

Serials Administration

Not currently used by PLS.

Booking Administration

Not currently used by PLS member libraries.


The evergreen native report function. Use instead the PLS custom Reporting Tool (staff login required).
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