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Adjustments to Evergreen


Dates and activities are subject to change based on new information. Please check back regularly for updates.

OWWLUG Presentation (6/12/2020)

Slideshow: EG Adjustments.pdf

Patron Self-Registration

See the OWWL Docs page on Pending Patrons

Patron Account Expirations


  • Patron accounts expiring between 3/1/2020 and 12/30/2020 will expire on 12/31/2020
    • Breaking this bloc up will be revisited in August 2020

Current Checkouts


  • All items due between 3/15 and 6/30 had their due dates shifted to 9/30
  • This shift happened the week of June 8
  • Email notification was sent to patrons



  • No fines will accrue on items that already had an overdue status as of 3/15 until 7/1
  • "Grace period" of 5 days to be implemented for all recurring fine rules
    • Prevents fines from accruing for items returned on their due date that won't be touched because of a 72 hour quarantine


  • It is strongly recommended that libraries check in items using Evergreen's Amnesty mode for June and July
    • Removes fines for items already overdue on 3/15

Fulfilling Holds / Limiting Transits


  • Going forward, holds will be fulfilled only by local copies (where pickup library = owning library)
    • Adjustments to previously-placed holds (pre-3/14/20)
    • Adjustments to settings will affect holds placed in the future


  • Items already in transit for holds (basically, holds that were already captured in March) will still go on to their destinations to fulfill holds
  • You may still receive items from other libraries for your patrons' holds in the initial delivery clean-up runs!

Future Holds


  • Hold permissions return 6/29 (may be slightly adjusted)
  • Patrons will only be able to place holds on items where pickup library = owning library
  • Updates to and OPAC banner
  • Hold limit will be set to 7
  • Hold limit will include suspended holds

Hold Notifications


  • Hold notifications will remain off until guidance from PLSDAC / Executive Committee


  • Notify patrons by phone for holds captured

Hold Shelf Expirations


  • Develop a protocol to contact patrons whose items are still on your hold shelves
  • Items that have been on hold shelves will expire July 1, but transit may not be immediately available to return other libraries' items to their home libraries


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