OWWLUG Meeting, Friday, October 28, 2022

Remote via Zoom. Link will be sent to PLS-L and registrants the week of the meeting. Recording available; email evergreen@pls-net.org.

Recent Evergreen changes

Changelog review

Patrons with multiple email addresses

Multiple email addresses can be added in the patron's email address field. They will need to be separated by a comma and a space like this: evergreen@pls-net.org, support@pls-net.org

Ending a circulation

Quick receipt

  • Use if continuing to work with patron (placing holds, editing account, etc.)
  • Don't forget to close record!
  • Suboptions to specify receipt method


  • Use if no longer working with patron
  • Closes patron record
  • Suboptions to specify receipt method

OWWL Library System App

  • We'll go through the app menu by menu

Default search location

  • Preference only able to be changed by patrons via OPAC
  • Used by the app and the OPAC while patrons are logged in
  • If no preference set, Evergreen uses home library by default for patrons registered before 4/20/2022; OWWL by default for patrons registered after
  • Patron-facing instructions

Keyword searching tips

  • What are keywords?
  • Keyword combinations

Changes coming soon:


  • Updated website under development

OPAC / Discovery layer (tentatively Q1 2023)

  • Aspen Discovery
  • LOTS of trainings to be scheduled soon

Evergreen upgrade (tentatively Q2 2023)

  • Holdings
  • New patron alerts / notes / messages organization
  • Trainings scheduled soon for this, too. TBA

Best practices for Discard / Weed status

Handy when multiple staff are involved

Transit list

  • Viewing items long in transit

Hopeless holds

  • Reminder that this exists! More on OWWL Docs
  • Great idea to incorporate this into your regular workflow (maybe weekly?)

Reminders and updates

Holdings staff workshop: 11/15

First look at next Evergreen upgrade; focus on changes to holdings editor
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