OWWLUG Meeting, Friday, August 26, 2022

Remote via Zoom. Link will be sent to PLS-L and registrants the week of the meeting. Recording available; email evergreen@pls-net.org.

Recent Evergreen changes

Changelog review

Registering patrons, updating patrons, and other patron account tips

  • Phone numbers need to be included when a patron is created for the last four digits to register as their PIN
  • Replacement cards
    • What happens when a patron presents a replaced card?
    • How to see replaced cards
  • Preferred names
    • Preferred names are what are primarily shown
    • Self-registered patrons tend to add in preferred names
  • Patron groups
  • Updating patron records (policy on Updates to patron accounts )
  • Notes and alerts best practices
    • Including bill and payment notes!

New and updated reports

Items by Copy Status (update to scheduled report)

  • New fields to indicate outcomes of circulations with special circumstances, like lost, claims returned, claims never checked out, etc.
  • Last Edit Date updated to Status Changed Date

Circ Matrix (update to ad hoc report)

  • Additional fields not previously displayed
  • Circ policies allow for more granular control and this update reflects how some policies are created
  • Note: "Inherited" in durations or fine amounts means that there's not a specific setting for that policy. Policies with "Inherited" displayed get values for those fields from another policy further up the heirarchy, usually an OWWL-level policy for the circ modifier.
  • List titles that have at least a dozen system-wide copies.

Reminders and updates

Questions from last OWWLUG meeting

  • What are force holds
    • Function is similar to recall hold, but doesn't cause an item to route to cataloging when it is received.
    • Overrides hold blocks.
    • Hold goes to the front of the line.
    • Item-level holds only.
  • Are renewals allowed for recall holds?
    • No
  • If item is marked "Lost and Paid" incorrectly due to the bug discussed at the last OWWLUG, what happens if the actual lost fee is paid?
    • The bill is closed properly and the circ is removed from the patron's account.

Patron assistance

How to submit a perfect ticket

Take screenshots

Owwl2Go account merges

Form on OWWL Docs (Get Help > Request OWWL2Go Account Merge)

"Wrong Shelf" status

Appears when a hold has been captured and then the pickup library is changed.

"Creating Shareable Lists" workflow on OWWL Docs

This was discussed at a previous OWWLUG meeting. Walkthrough available on OWWL Docs .

App in development -- more news to come

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