OWWLUG Meeting, Friday, February 25, 2022

Remote via Zoom. Link will be sent to PLS-L and registrants the week of the meeting. Recording available; email evergreen@pls-net.org.

Recent Evergreen changes

New: Changelog

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December 2021

  • Item bucket deletion progress bar
    • There's now a progress bar that will display if you delete a batch of items from an item bucket.

January 2022

February 2022

  • Adjust to zero on lost items
    • When you use the "Adjust to Zero" function for a lost item bill, Evergreen will now change the item's status to "Lost and Paid." Previously, Evergreen would only change the item's status if the bill was paid in full; if you used the "Adjust to Zero" function, the item's status would remain as "Lost," even though the bill was considered paid in full.
  • Various small bugfixes

Evergreen upgrade

New feature: Hold groups

New feature: "Did you mean?"

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Reminder: Avoid pre-cat checkouts

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