OWWLUG Meeting, Friday, June 25, 2021

Remote via Zoom. Link will be sent to PLS-L and registrants the week of the meeting. Recording available; email evergreen@pls-net.org.

Catalog preferences are universal

Changes that you make to preferences in the new staff catalog will carry over to your preferences in the Traditional staff catalog and vice versa!

For example, let's say you change your default search library or preferred library in the new staff catalog. The new staff catalog treats these settings slightly differently than the Traditional catalog, but the new defaults will also apply in the Traditional catalog.

Patron expiration dates

Please take a quick peek at patrons' expiration dates when checking items out. If a patron will expire before their items are due, please consider updating their expiration date. Expired patrons are unable to renew their items (including autorenewals).

Driver's license numbers

Please don't add license numbers, social security numbers, passport numbers, etc. to patron records.

Wildcard searches

If performing a search only using advanced search filters (no keywords or terms), you may need to use a wildcard search.

To do so, use the asterisk (*) in the keyword search. You may also use the wildcard to assist with other searches if you're not sure how a word or name is spelled.

Patron View tab in new staff catalog

This is just a view; it's not functional.

New patches

See the upgrade page on OWWL Docs

New report: Autorenewal Checker

Can be found in Ad Hoc Reports

OWWL2go Help

Loan period



Round Table: What would you like Evergreen to do that it doesn't?

Thank you for a great conversation! Some of the ideas discussed included:
  • The "See more" link that used to appear on the results page
  • The summary that used to appear in bib records
  • More details about counts of items or holds being available on bib record pages (not just on the results page)
  • Item details: used to be able to hover over circ history, see six years
  • Holds limit up to 20
  • OWWL2Go integration with Evergreen
  • Group Formats and Editions not working properly in staff catalog
  • App for checking out via smart phone
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