OWWLUG Meeting, Friday, April 30, 2021

Remote via Zoom. Link will be sent to PLS-L and registrants the week of the meeting. Recording available; email evergreen@pls-net.org.

First week of Evergreen 3.6

Bugs and annoyances

  • Hold notification preferences
    • Some fields are now required based on which hold notification preference checkboxes (Phone, Email, and/or SMS) are selected
  • Changing grid preferences
    • But not for item tables
  • Catalog search from splash page (This bug has been fixed)
  • Advanced search filter highlighting

Additional new features

IDC expirations

Please note that the Instant Digital Cards issued through OWWL2Go are expiring . These are entirely separate from Online Patrons issued cards via the Pending Patrons process.

Systems Access and Data Handling Policy

A new policy has been introduced and may eventually be passed. New principles and requirements include avoiding shared accounts; notifying PLS of personnel changes requiring activation or deactivation of accounts; using secure passwords that are randomly generated; and accessing Evergreen only on library-owned, properly maintained, up-to-date devices. More details will be shared as the policy is finalized.

General reminders & tips

Lost and paid item process

Lost and Paid items can be deleted . An automatic process is coming soon!


Please note that items may not autorenew (even if there are autorenewals left) if a patron's account has expired or if there is a hold on the title when Evergreen attempts the autorenewal.

Hold notes

Did you know that you can add a note about a hold? To access this interface, place a hold, access the Holds tab on the patron's record, press the "Detail View" button, and then scroll down to the Notes interface. You may add a note by pressing the "New Note" button.

Chrome form fill

As a reminder, PLS recommends disabling Chrome's autofill feature .

Genre entries accessed via the Item Editor (Holdings process) are used for collection development, and are reportable. This means that certain reports display the Genre statistical category assigned by holdings staff. Some libraries use these genre categories, others do not.

If your library does utilize them, you can run a Shelf List report to more closely examine a certain genre in your collecton (ex. Western) to see its overall usage and age.

Genre in a Catalog Search comes from the 655 fields of a MARC record (a subject field). You can use these terms to assist in refining a search (ex. Western fiction). The search results will include all records that have "Western fiction" as a genre field entry.

It is important to remember that only those records that include your genre search term will be returned in your search results.
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