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How to decipher returned SMS messages

From: "yourlibrary" <yourlibrary@owwl.org>
To: "yourlibrary" <yourlibrary@owwl.org>
Sent: Monday, February 22, 2021 2:47:17 PM
Subject: 1 hold(s) ready (674161)

Error: Invalid user address
Error message below:

550 - Requested action not taken: no such user here

Message details:
Subject: 1 hold(s) ready (674161)
MAIL FROM: yourlibrary@owwl.org
RCPT TO: 585394826@vtext.com
Your Public Library <yourlibrary@owwl.org>

Size: 2.2 KiB

Tickets, please

Password & confidentiality best practices

  • Written passwords
  • Notes and alerts on patron accounts

Evergreen 3.6 -- Overview of new features



  • Sticky dates on backdating checkins
  • Testing notification preferences
  • Updating hold notification preferences
  • Mark items Discard / Weed
  • Changes to marking items missing & damaged
  • Location links in billing

Holdings Maintenance

  • Copy / paste multiple barcodes for batch editing
  • Circ modifiers display for batch edits
  • Preloaded audio format

OPAC & patron experience

  • "Reason" code removed from autorenewal notifications
  • Library info in patron account preferences
  • Testing notification preferences
  • Updating hold notification preferences

Staff catalog (recap)

  • How to access (and how to avoid!)
  • Overview of search
  • New "actions" button
  • Shelf browse
  • Catalog preferences
  • Where to find record summaries
  • Placing holds
  • Hold displays on records

Meeting Notes & Questions

For test notifications in Evergreen 3.6: Who is the sender and what does the notification say?


To: patron@example.com
From: yourlibrary@owwl.org
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2021 19:26:54 -0000
Reply-To: yourlibrary@owwl.org
Subject: Email Test Notification
Auto-Submitted: auto-generated

Dear Alvin Nybody,

This is a test of the email associated with your account at _ Library. If you are receiving this message, your email information is correct.

_ Library

Contact your library for more information:
(Library contact info)

Subject: Test Text Message

This is a test confirming your mobile number for __ Library is correct.

____ Library

Contact your library for more information:
(Library contact info)

Can a library verify an Online Patron's identity and/or address if the patron was issued a card by another library? Yes. This was confirmed by EAC on 3/1. It would be best practice for a library updating a patron's profile from Online Patron to Patron to get in touch with the patron's home library to let the home library know.
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