OWWLUG Meeting, Friday, February 28, 2020

10:00-12:00 at PLSHQ, Large Meeting Room

Automatic Renewals

Please see the new staff-facing page on OWWL Docs.

A new patron-facing page / FAQ on owwl.org should be coming soon. This document could also be printed out to be given to patrons at the desk.

Meeting notes:
  • Some concern expressed that automatic renewals delay the process for discovering an item has been lost. For example, if a patron has lost an item at week 2, but automatic renewal means that the item will be out for a total of 9 weeks, it might mean that lost item is less likely to be found

Notification Emails

Please see the new staff-facing page on OWWL Docs for more information on notification emails, too

Meeting notes:
  • For the email -- could a space / extra line be added between items listed in the auto-renewal?
  • Will auto-renew text messages be coming?
    • Possibly -- they are being discussed. Issue is that current structure / model may result in too many SMS messages

Bad Stat Cat Report & Precataloged Items

  • More about the Bad Stat Cat Report on OWWL Docs
  • Reminder that this is a cumulative report
  • Please review every month

PLS-L Best Practices

Meeting notes:
  • Discussion of having a listserv that only includes libraries' circ accounts. This listserv could be used for sending notices of lost items / missing in transit / etc.
  • Additionally, we had some discussion about the use of "reply all" vs. just replying to the sender / requestor. The general consensus among OWWLUG attendees was that reply all was not necessary.
  • We discussed different approaches to local options for how the circ account is managed. Some libraries may only have one person responsible for checking that account. The accounts could be set up so that they forward to a number of staff members.
  • Finally, OWWLUG has requested that messages relating to items should include information about the item (and not just a barcode) to save the time of staff members at other libraries who are being asked to look for items.

Scams, Spam, and Phishing Emails




Meeting notes:
  • Be mindful of emails that look official. Always hover over the "from" field for your email.
  • Even if a message looks like it's coming from a colleague, it may not be.
  • Always hover over links, and don't click on links that go to a website that looks suspicious.
  • When in doubt, ask or call and confirm that a message actually came from the person the email says it's coming from

Where to Go for OverDrive / OWWL2Go Tech Support


Meeting notes:
  • Question about whether or not an Alexa can be asked to play OverDrive / Libby audiobooks
    • We will investigate! This depends on if OverDrive has made that Alexa skill and if Amazon has allowed that skill to be added

Out-of-System ILLs

Meeting notes:
  • Please remember that this is a service!
  • Also, RRLC Access Cards are available for serious researchers who might need regular access to the collections of participating institutions
  • Finally, FLCC can be accessed by any resident of Ontario County or surrounding counties

PII in Identification Fields

Meeting notes:
  • General reminder please not to include PII in any patron registration.
  • Preliminary discussion on hold shelf slips -- to be continued!
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