OWWLUG Meeting, Friday, April 27, 2018

10:00-12:00 @PLSHQ

Interesting new things in the staff client

  • Hold notify by telephone
  • Email checkout receipt option
  • User Buckets
  • List features/links
  • Printing

More Web Client

  • Feedback from libraries that have been using the web client
  • Demonstration, questions and (hopefully) answers

Web client Resources

Known issues

  • Catalog search bug - local holdings not displaying in the search result list

Other Questions

  1. When a damaged item is deleted- if it is on hold or in transit- does the system catch that? Or, should staff always check before deleting the item?
  2. In the new Web Client… when marking an email invalid it no longer shows up on the patron screen. You have to look for it under "messages". So there is no prompt for the staff to ask patron for new email.
  3. Can the system generate email groups or is that something that has to be done through Constant Contact or Mail Chimp?
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