OWWLUG Meeting - Friday, February 23, 2018

10:00-12:00 at PLSHQ

Remote access: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/610292429

LibCal overview (Andrea Snyder)

Go to https://pls-net.org/pls-resources > Lending Library to request maker kits and other outreach items. The new LibCal system displays the various materials library can borrow in a visually appealing, easy to use way. See dates materials are available (or not!) and schedule your requests. For any questions or comments about the kits, due dates, request system, etc. please contact Andrea.

Evergreen upgrade

Happening March 7, 2018

pdf Evergreen v.3 Changes - this 11 page document provides basic information about the upgrade, links to test server URLs, and examples of key changes.

This will not be a dramatic change for member library staff. The desktop staff client interface is not changing, and there are no workflow/procedure changes.

Reinstalling the staff client

The staff client WILL need to be updated to match the new software version. We will be sending out information, and updating PLUM documentation (EvergreenInstallation) with the links to download the installation files and other information.

The v.3 client can be downloaded in advance of March 7, it will NOT conflict the the v.2 client you will continue to use through March 6.

The installation/configuration will take a few minutes only.

OPAC changes

Most of the immedate changes appear in the OPAC. These are outlined in the "Evergreen v.3 Changes" document. Most of them are pretty subtle - for example:
eg3 OPAC formats.jpg
title record details will now display additional formats (book, large print book, CD audiobook, etc.), and they are clickable links to those records.

Some features are tied to the web staff client. The web client is where new development is happening.

Web client introduction

New client development will only happen for the new, web-based staff client. Eventually, this will replace the current desktop staff client. Libraries can start using the web client following the upgrade, but PLS does not plan a major roll out yet.

If libraries are interested in using the web client, let us know. It can be used along side the desktop client. Screen shots and basic functions are included in the "Evergreen Changes v.3" document.

As an example, this is the new home screen with the Circulation menu:
eg webclient homescreen-w-circmenu.jpg
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