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Check your Circulation desk email inbox

All libraries have an email address that is used by other libraries' staff to contact each other, error messages for Evergreen generated email notifications, and patrons to contact the library. The email addresses that appear in Evergreen generated notifications, libraryname@owwl.org, direct to the libcirc@pls-net.org accounts; as a result, more and more patrons are emailing their library. These email accounts should be checked at least once every day the library is open.

In cases of our smallest libraries, messages to these accounts are redirected to the library director.

If nobody in your library has checked this account, or receives redirected messages, please contact Adam Kueur for login details.

Mango login/setup problem from OPAC

Some patrons seem to experience problems setting up Mango accounts if they start by going to owwl.org, logging in to their library accounts, and then clicking on the links to Mango. We are not sure why this happens, but patrons do not need to login to their library accounts in order to use Mango. They create a completely separate Mango account, which can be accessed via desktop computer or Mango app.

Patrons may also experience issues creating an account from within a mobile app.

Mango help can be accessed - without logging in - by following the link on the owwl.org > "Learn a Language" page and clicking the "Need help?" link.

Staff overriding renewal limits/hold blocks for their own loans

Recently several libraries have reported incidents of library staff, for their own accounts, overriding max renewal limits (more than 2 renewals) and hold blocks for renewals on other libraries' materials; and overriding checkout blocks for max fines. In some situations, checkouts have been "borrowed" for more than 6 months. Library staff can do these things, but it is particuarly important that they do not, particularly when their actions impede library patron use of library materials and monopolize other libraries' materials.

Custom transit receipts

PLS strongly recommends printing transit slips for materials put into delivery. The transit slips (transit for reshelving and transit for holds) can be customized to include libraries' delivery code in large, all caps font at the top, descriptive information about the item and transit (in case a slip becomes detached from the item), and is configured to be long enough to stay in the book without being torn.

Handwritten slips, while cheap and easy, are more easily confused by the drivers and at risk of being separated from the item.

Instructions for customizing transit slips is found here: http://plum.pls-net.org/twiki/bin/view/Evergreen/TransitSlipReceipts
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