OWWLUG Meeting, Friday, June 24, 2016

10:00-12:00pm @ PLS - large meeting room

Evergreen upgrade

Uneventful! Some issues with reports, which have been resolved. Only a few new features.

New OPAC features

Exclude Electronic Resources

Previously, to exclude records for downloadable materials from a search result list, one would have to include a string like " -downloable" in a keyword search. With the upgrade, there is now a Search Result Option to "Exclude Electronic Resources" which will eliminate those records.

Group Formats and Editions

This option has always been around, but it is now more prominent. In a search result, list "Group Formats and Editions" will effectively combine multiple different format records into one entry in the result list. This combined entry will indicate the number of individual title records grouped, display the groupd format icons, and list the number of available and total copies.

Click on the combined entry title to see each of the individual records in a list.

Holds and grouped formats and editions

Clicking Place Hold on the combined entry, will create a "metarecord" hold - this is a hold on the title as a whole, where ANY copy of ANY format will fill the hold. This is relatively straight forward on a single-title book record, such as the example below, where the grouped formats are all "book" records. In some cases, such as titles where there are movie versions, or children's series and tie-ins where a single title is used for different sub-series, the copy that fills the hold may be an unexpected format or actual title.

Patron Messages

Public-facing notes now display to the patron when they are logged into their online account. There is a new tab, labeled "messages", where public notes live. Unread messages are indicated by a red highlighted number on the Messages tab.

Negative balance bills: Adjust to Zero

Renewal blocks removed

Video loan durations

Stuff left in books

Zimbra #protips

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