OWWLUG Meeting, Friday, April 24, 2015

10:00am-12:00pm at PLSHQ, large meeting room

Snacks and OWWLUG 2015 schedule

Thanks to everybody who signed up to provide OWWLUG snacks!

DateSorted ascending Snacks
2/27/2015 Cancelled
4/24/2015 PLS
6/26/2015 PAL / NAP
8/28/2015 ROS / WOL
10/30/2015 CAN
12/04/2015 PHE / DAN

Patrons calling PLSHQ for help

Occasionally we have patrons call up here at PLSHQ having been referred to us by member library staff. PLSHQ staff are here to serve library staff, and to help you help your patrons. If there is a problem you can't resolve, please call us on behalf of the patron.

For OWWL2Go related issues, there is a support form on the OWWL2Go > Help page. Click the "Support" link, which provides information about opening a help form. This is routed to Geneva staff who are the primary OWWL2Go support providers.

General issues?

Search the catalog - wonky results when using filters

Search the catalog - looking for pre-loaded e-readers, cake pans, and other "novel" materials

Evergreen upgrade - new stuff

Lindsay is in the process of updating PLUM documentation for the new Evergreen version. Updated documents are marked with "V.2.7" under the title.

Clickable patron account indicators - (See Notes) (Has Bills), etc.

Click the parathetical indicator to go directly to the relevant screen in the patron account

Public Patron Notes

Notes can be made "Patron Visible" and will display in the patron's online account. By default, notes are staff only.

patron notes now also prompt for staff initials; staff workstation and date are automatically appended.

For more information, see: Patrons Notes

"Generate Password"

Formerly known as "Reset Password", the re-named button accomplishes the same task - updates the password. The patron password is still derived from the last 4 digits of the patron Daytime phone number, or a random series of digits if there is no Daytime phone number on file.

"Update Expire Date"

Clicking this button will automatically update the account expiration date one year (according to the patron profile) from the current date. No need to type or use a calendar widget!

Bills unchecked by default

When paying a bill, bills must be manually checked. Click "Select All" or double click in the check mark column header to select all bills, or click in the check mark row to select individual bills for payment. If no bills are checked but payment is applied, an error alert stating "No payments applied" will pop up.

Dark Red Items are Lost

Lost Materials Bills are indicated in the bills list with a dark red highlight.

Overdue materials that have not yet been checked in are still highlighted bright red.

Patron Credit / Convert to Credit removed

The functionality to convert change to credit and the "Credit Available" display has been reoved.

This is not related to Refunds Available or negative balance bills.

Holds notes

Notes for specific holds can now be added and are either staff only or patron viewable. Notes can be printed to the hold slip and set to display in the hold list.

Hold notes are associated with the specific hold record, display only in the holds interface and do not display with other general patron notes.

There is no prompt for initials, and workstation and date are NOT appended.

Show Holds on Bib

In the Actions for Selected… menus in the Holds display and Item Status the new option "Show Holds on Bib" opens the ViewHolds display. This allows staff to more easily get information about the other holds on a title.

Items Out > Print Receipt for Item

Date due slips for individual items selected in or renewed via Items Out can now be printed.
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