OWWLUG Meeting, Friday, September 26, 2014 at Geneseo!


Will be cancelled in december 2014.

Alternate options for reviews, Goodreads link in the "Ratings and Reviews" section of the title details. We hope to figure out a way to make the Goodreads reviews content more prominent in the catalog.

Lindsay will look into a way to contact the users who do regularly write reviews to thank them for their review writing efforts and let them know that Chilifresh will not be continued.

"You saved $$ at the library today!" Checkout Receipt (and other customizations)


We did a demo of the process of editing the checkout slip. In addition to the "you saved..." code, we also changed the "User ID: 123456789 You checked out the following items:" statement to be "Thank you, [patron name]! During OWWLAC's discussion, that points were raised that using the library card number might be a privacy/security issue, is less personal, and makes it harder for family members to tell whose date due slip is whose. There are many customizations that can be made to the receipts.


Videogame cover images in the catalog


Videogame covers are now available through Syndetics - the same vendor that provides other cover images, reviews, summaries, etc. There is additional videogame-specific content available, PLS will look into how it integrates into the catalog.

Record Summary

Reminder that when looking at/working with bib records in the staff client/catalog search, staff should make sure that the Record Summary area at the top of the record matches the title details in the lower pane. Sometimes, the two panes can display information for two different titles!

View Holds

Hold types

  • TitleLevelHold - all copies in holdable status can potentially fill the hold
  • VolumeLevelHold - only copies attached to the volume/call number record (duplicate copies shelved in the same area) can potentially fill the hold
  • CopyLevelHold - only the single barcoded copy can fill the hold
Only staff can place volume and copy holds, not patrons. If a patron wants a specific copy (for example: a paperback copy, a magazine issue, etc.) they must ask a staff person to place the hold. Holds placed by staff members are otherwise exactly the same as those placed by patrons. One caveat about magazine holds: magazine holds are limited to copy level ONLY by the "Magazine" circulation modifier. If ANY SINGLE magazine copy record has the circ modifier "Default", a title hold can be placed. This will result in that random copy filling the hold. Make sure that magazine copies are added with the Magazine circ modifier (you can check existing records by running a ShelflistByShelvingLocation report!) If you want magazines to circulate with a 3 week/2 renewal loan period, check you circulation rules (run the EvergreenCircMatrixReport to see all the circ rules!) and contact Lindsay if you need them changed.

Retarget holds for new items: checkin modifier, manual process, or "grace" period

Out of System ILL reminder


Online experience debrief

Response to online access to the meeting was really positive! We - me and Ron, particularly - want to hear all the opinions, good, bad, meh, and any suggestions particiants have. This was an initial test run, and anything we can do to (in Ron's words) "make this more of an awesome way experience meetings" in the future, we definitely want to do.

We had 11 people (plus Lindsay and Ron) in the main group at Wadsworth, 2 people in Bloomfield, 3 people in Wolcott, 1 person from a smart phone (!!), and 1 from their own computer. General reports were that the video streaming quality was solid, audio was fine for the presenter but not so much for any background/Q&A discussion. Also, the word regarding mobile access: "typing in the chat was a challenge and a test of my phone typing skills. Also, obviously, the screen was a little too small to easily see some of the finer EG details."

Today's lessons learned:

  • External microphones. For both the presenter, and participants. Today I had a headset mic/speaker, and the remote viewers muted. This was sub-optimal for several reasons: remote participation was limited to chat, discussion and questions in the main group was not audible to the remote viewers.
  • A helper to monitor chat. Today I was talking and Ron was watching questions coming in via chat. This is HUGELY helpful (thanks, Ron!)
  • More webcams? The main group wanted to also see the remote viewers/groups

Webcam and headset offer

Ron mentioned that in PLS Notes Monday 9/29 there will be a form to fill out for each library to receive a FREE headset and webcam! A perfect incentive to attend meetings remotely. Look for that, and send in your form.
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