OWWLUG Meeting, Friday, January 31, 2014

10:00am-12:00pm at PLSHQ, Large Meeting Room


2014 Meeting Schedule and snack volunteers

Date Snacks Notes
1/31/2014 PHE
5/30/2014   meeting at Phelps Library
9/26/2014   meeting at Wadsworth Library

What to do about November and December meetings?

ILL Review

  • What is ILL
  • Requesting ILL materials
  • Circulating ILL materials

ILL (inter-library loan) allows us to request materials that are not owned by any PLS libraries from other libraries nation wide. Because these materials come from other institutions - many of them academic - there are some very special requirements for making requests and circulating materials.

  • Kathryn Riedener is the ILL contact
  • Forms to submit requests and general ILL information can be found by clicking the "Get Help" option at the top of any TWiki page (that link goes to this page: Evergreen.CirculationInterLibraryLoan)
  • TWiki can also be accessed right in the Staff Client! From a Portal tab, click "Report a Problem" - instead of filling out the Evergreen Problem page, click the "Get Help" menu, login to TWiki (using your email login info), and complete the ILL form
  • There is a $5 fee for all ILL requests, regardless if the request is successful or not. Libraries will be billed by PLS for ILL requests monthly. Libraries may require patrons pay the $5 fee, or assume the cost themselves.
  • Some ILL materials/providers may charge extra fees - PLS policy is to work only with institutions that provide free ILL; however, if items are available only from institutions that charge, PLS staff will alert the requesting library to discuss next steps.
  • Our ability to get ILL materials relies on everybody following the rules!
  • ILL due dates are written on the band wrapping the requested item - this is the date materials must be back to PLS, libraries must calculate a date due that allows time for the item to be sent back to PLS. Use the CheckOutSpecificDueDate option when checking out ILL items.
  • Explain to patrons that thre is a special due date.
  • ILL items are not generally renewable - do NOT assume that it can be done, CALL KATHRYN well in advance to check
  • If any ONE (1) ILL item is late, this will block ALL requests for the entire system
  • PLS also provides outgoing ILLs - if you see a hold for "ILL-OCLC" user, this is an outgoing ILL. Libraries have the right to refuse to send materials out for ILL.
  • Please place ILL materials in envelopes (manilla, or the blue delivery bags) to protect the items.
  • Do NOT remove the bands wrapping the items

PLS Kits

Learn about the kits PLS provides, and special circulation policies


PLS provides a variety of kits for loan to patrons. These kits are requested and circulated using special procedures. Information about the kits can be found here: http://www.owwl.org/outreach/themekits

  • Heidi Jensen is the PLS Kits contact
  • Kits are booked in advanced, and are sent out to patrons on a schedule; some kits are in higher demand than others, so may have fairly tight schedules.
  • Requests for kits are sent to PLS, where Heidi places holds and sets up the schedule.
  • Each item has an attached booking card, which provides the date due back to PLS. Libraries must calculate a due date that allows time for the item to be sent back to PLS. Use the CheckOutSpecificDueDate option when checking out kits.
  • Alert patrons that their requested kit is available right away. If a patron does not pick up their kit, it must be returned to PLS by the due date.
  • Kits are not renewable.
Book discussion kits

  • Book discussion kits are different than the theme kits.
  • Book discussion kits are cataloged, and can be placed on hold by patrons; they are checked out like other items and are renewable
  • To search the catalog: use an advanced search, select Item Type=Kits and Search Library=PLS Headquarters then click search
Loans to Correctional Facilities

  • Heidi is the contact for all matters concerning loans to correctional facilities
  • If your library is contacted directly by a correctional facility librarian, refer them to Heidi!
  • Do not handle renewals, lost materials, damaged materials, etc. directly, refer the issue to Heidi!
  • Libraries have the right to refuse to fill holds for corrections
  • Correctional facilities have a 6 week loan period; they receive delivery once per week

Expanded Ad Hoc Report options

Reports Ad Hoc Reports


Holdings Maintenance Staff Meeting

Meeting for Holdings Maintenance staff scheduled for Friday, February 28, 2014, at PLSHQ, 10:00-12:00. Register via the Calendar of Events. We hope to get representatives from ALL libraries.

We will discuss the state of holdings mainetanance in 2014, cataloging processes and practices, such as requesting new records, modifying existing records, original cataloging, copy record adding and maintenance, catalog searching, etc.

We (Kathryn and Lindsay) are also working on changing how we approach the Genre statistical categories - currently, this is not used by many libraries. HOWEVER, now that the Shelflist reports are available, consistent use of genres could be used to develop book lists, collection development/analysis, and other projects, such as new book widgets. We need your input and will be dscussing this at the holdings meeting.

OWWLUG on the road!

We were all invited to check out the changes being made at the Phelps Community Library, including their new STEM Lab - so we are taking OWWLUG on the road! OWWLUG@PHE for the May 30th meeting.

Inspired by a great idea, the Wadsworth Library (Geneseo) offered to host a meeting, too. This harkens back to the early days of OWWLUG, when meetings were regularly scheduled to meet in Geneseo. OWWLUG@WADS is scheduled for September, 26.

More information - including carpooling options if people are interested - at the March, 28 OWWLUG meeting, which will be held at PLSHQ.

If any other libraries want to host, please let Lindsay know!

Next Meeting

Friday March 28, 2014, 10:00am-12:00pm, at PLSHQ.
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