OWWLUG Meeting, Friday, February 22, 2013

10:00am-12:00pm at PLSHQ

Kaspersky update

Aaron provided a recap of the various Kaspersky problems (Kaspersky not loading correctly, slowness, patches fixing only parts of the problems, etc.) and discussed the newly released Kaspersky patch "D" which will apply all previous patches, theoretically fixing the various Kaspersky issues. Directions released to Directors, 2/22.

[Barcode] not renewed.\nACTION_CIRCULATION_NOT_FOUND

This error occurs when fines are paid on an item that is still checked out up to the maximum fine amount ($5.00). At that point, the system considers the circulation "closed". This is a known bug that is fixed in a newer version of the Evergreen software.

  • The only way we can resolve these items is to submit a ticket to our vendor – only they can "re-open" the circulation.
  • To avoid this situation, renew items first - even it means overriding a fine block. Pay only finalized overdue bills.
See also: Discussion points:
  • Bill list configuration - Make sure your Bills list displays the "Last Billing Type", which indicates the bill reason (Overdue Materials, Lost Materials, etc.) See: PatronBills
  • When paying a patron's bills, deselect items are still checked out overdue bills (highlighted red.) Paying these incrementally contributes to the renewal problem.

Bad Stat Cat Report Update

Reports Bad Stat Cat

Discussion points:

  • Basic principles for handling pre-cat circ records in teh Bad Stat Cat report:
    1. Upload barcodes to Item Status
    2. Determine if the item is still checked out or lost
    3. If not checked out/lost > Delete it.
    4. If it is checked out > retrieve patron, check in item from Items Out, forgive bill, delete item
  • Most pre-cat circulations on this report are old
  • Becareful when scanning items - a scanner cord across the keyborad can insert spaces into the barcode field
  • Do NOT hand type barcodes on checkout - typos, special characters, CAPS vs. lower case, etc. all matter when inputting barcodes!
  • Be sure you are scanning the item barcode sticker, not a UPC barcode
  • If an item scans as "mis scan" - close the alert, scan it again
  • Whenever possible, if an item persistently scans as a "mis-scan" explain to the patron that there is a problem with the item, and ask them to wait until it can be fixed. Explain that working around the issues (circ as pre-cat) may cause later problems like fines.
  • If an item is checked out as a pre-cat, on return the item will be routed to CATALOGING - make sure these items go to holdings maintenance staff to be fixed - pre-cat record deleted or added to a real record
  • Do not use pre-cat circs as a way to circulate "ephemeral" type items, or back issues of magazines where the catalog record has been deleted but the copies are still retained. Use instead Non-Cataloged check out options.
More information about pre-cats see: CheckOutPreCatalogedItems

Age-based hold protection

  • What is it
  • Information in online catalog (patrons)
    AgeBasedHoldProtection OpacCopyNote.png
  • Information in staff client
    AgeBasedHoldProtection StaffClientNote.png

Catalog Search Tip: Eliminate eBooks from a filtered Book search results list (CAL)

To eliminate OWWL2Go content from book searches, try this:
keyword/author/title=search term(s), keyword= -downloadable, item type=books

Example: keyword=percy jackson olympians / Item type=Books returns 15 records, including dowloadable ebooks. The same search, adding keyword= -downloadable returns 8 records, with no ebooks.

New OPAC Title Details feature

First Chapter / Excerpt

First chapters/excerpts is a new feature of catalog records/Title Details; this is currently only in the test server, pending updates to the live OPAC. To see an example, click here to open an example record for the Hobbit.

Special Guest: Nancy Herzig - talking about Outreach and PLS Kits!

Searching Twiki

Ran out of time this meeting… However, please send any ideas (things you look for and can't find? Ideas for improvement?) to Lindsay Stratton.
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