OWWLUG Meeting, Friday August 31, 2012

10:00-Noon at PLSHQ, Large Meeting Room

Evergreen 2.2: First two weeks in review

Online Catalog brochure

  • Do we still need it?

Online help files

Passwords: new and resets

Hold Notifications and Pickup Library Defaults

Pull List for Hold Requests: display, sorting, printing

Bookmarks for the OPAC

  • Bookmark to http://www.owwl.org/
    • Some browsers maybe accessing cached/saved version of owwl.org, F5 should fix this, or clearing the browser cache, or re-bookmarking
  • Direct bookmarks to the old OPAC are causing problems

Staff Client launching IE / other external web browser

  • Deleting c:\Program Files\Evergreen Staff Client 2.2\components\forceexternal.js fixes the problem. A bug report has been filed with the Evergreen community
  • StaffClientExternalBrowserError

Receipt printer configuration

  • Final layout for V2 of the receipts
  • Brief overview of customizations

Overdue Fines

Combined problem of fine generator and grace period setting; should be resolved overnight 8/24/12.

System Slowness (CAN)

Yes, it's slower than it should be. It's being investigated by PLS and Equinox. Functions that seem to run particularly slowly: Patron Edit, Search the Catalog, Checkin

Patron Summary Panel (LYO)

Title Summary in Catalog Records (WAL)

Example: Stephanie Plum novels

Check In -Fast Entry Asynchronous (BLO)

Patron Registration Stat Cat selection list (many)

  • Random towns "autofilling" in Residency and School Code fields

Patron search results Barred "f"

  • "f" means "false" - the record is not barred, if "t" displays, then the record is barred

Using the Column Picker to change display lists

Required Item Statistical Categories

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