OWWLUG Meeting, Friday, April 27, 2012


Holds and newly added holdings


Screen resolution and Evergreen

Recommended screen resolution 1280x1024

Expand display size in Windows - Appearance and Personalization > Display settings - pdf Change Display Size in Windows

Expand text size in Evergreen - GlobalFontSoundSettings

Sneak Peek at Evergreen version 2.2

Improvements and new features
  • Patron registration all one screen
  • View current and previous patron barcodes
  • Set hold pickup/notification defaults from new patron registration or patron edit
  • Additional information and copy/print functionality in patron summary
  • Add notes to holds
  • Add hold cancelled reason/note
  • View cancelled holds
  • View total # of holds on a title from patron holds list
  • When overdue items are checked in the "Transaction for… billable..." notation can be clicked to open the patron record
  • Check in "Fast Entry"
  • Renew Items function - scan by barcode, print date due receipt
  • Details Views (Holds, Item Status)
  • New OPAC/Search the Catalog interface
  • Search for "all of" a format using only format filter, e.g.: item type=projected medium no search input returns all DVD records
  • Item barcodes in Search the Catalog clickable - open record in Item Status>Details View
  • Search the Catalog holdings display barcode and vol/copy hold options in one line
  • Limit Holdings Maintenance screen by OWN LIBRARY!!!
  • Create copy and make available in same step
  • OPAC - patrons can view checkout and hold history; can downlaod checkout history as CSV
  • OPAC - patrons can place hold on multiple items at ONCE from a list!!!!
  • OPAC - Lists (formerly Bookbags) handled differently - temporary or saved
  • Etc!

Questions & comments

  • Add the Transit List to portal page
  • Add WiFi Guest login info to portal page
  • OWWLUG likes the M/D/YYYY date format in the user editor
  • Will patrons' current bookbags and bookbag contents be transferred to lists?
  • How many cancelled holds will appear in the cancelled holds display - both staff client and OPAC? Number of cancelled holds (ex: 25) or time period (ex: 6 months)?
  • How many previous checkouts will appear in patrons OPAC checkout history? Number or time period?
  • Time frame for purging old circulation transactions? Will/can this time frame differ from hold/checkout history?

Excel basics for reports

Did not have time, will reschedule for another date.
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