OWWLUG Meeting - Friday, March 25, 2011

10:00-12:00, PLSHQ


Holds - how do they work?

  • When patron is blocked (fines/ODs)
  • New Books
  • Targeter

Patron email problems caused by bad data

  • Email addresses typos (miscellaneous spaces, punctuation, etc.) - this WILL cause failed email notifications
  • Email fields containing information OTHER THAN email addresses

Fun with Lost Item Bills

  • Why does my patron have a negative bill now that she has returned a lost item?
    • Other causes of negative bills
  • Why does my patron owe less than replacement price for a lost item?
  • How can I see how much a patron will owe before I mark an item lost?

Clarify discard vs. delete procedures

(and the essential conundrum of "official procedures" vs. the flexibility of the Evergreen ILS and all the moving targets thereof)

Copy an item barcode from the OPAC, Pull List for Holds Requests, etc.

Double click vs. drag and highlight, "mis-scan" errors in Item Status

Checkout limits on material types

Item Status tips and tricks

  • Column Picker / data display
  • Actions for…
    • Renew

Edit Due Date



Meeting cancelled, no new information
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