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Merging Patrons

Deleting Items and Deleting Last Copies

FYI: Holds and patrons with fine blocks

ALERT! Evergreen will not fill holds for patrons whose records are blocked due to excessive fines or overdues.

If you are looking at ViewHolds and you see a hold for your patron that has been unfilled for a long time, right click on the hold and select "Retrieve Patron" to verify the patron status.

FYI: Holds and closed days

If your library is closed on a day when a patron places a hold to be picked up at your library, YOUR copy (even if on the shelf) will not be captured for that hold! Instead, the system will look for a "more available" (i.e. - somebody there to process it) copy to be sent to your patron.

Etiquette reminder! 10-item patron hold limit and staff "overrides"

While there is no actual "override" or force action involved, library STAFF can place up to 20 holds on behalf of a patron. This is to be used for SPECIAL situations ONLY.

Placing more than 10 holds for a patron means that the patron cannot place any other holds for herself until the hold list is below 10.

If you happen to notice +10 holds on a patron account those were placed by a staff person at a library.

FYI: Items marked lost and then paid for, still generating bill notices to patrons

We have discovered the reason this happens: the bill notices are set up to be delivered for any item with the Items Copy Status "Lost." That the bill has been paid does not factor into it! Now that we know what's happening, PLS is working with our vendor to change this. The quick fix is to insert a "disregard this notice if you have already paid" statement into the bill notices, but we are looking at other options.

FYI and reminder: Check for missing pieces in multi-part items

To aid in this endeavor, use copy record alerts.

New reports greenlighted by OWWLAC

Future Evergreen Training

  • Basic Holdings Maintenance - scheduled: 2/15 10:00am-noon and repeating 2:00pm-4:00pm @ PLSHQ
  • Holdings in-depth: Item Attributes and Item Attribute Templates - scheduled: 3/8/2011, 10:00-noon and repeating 2:00pm-4:00pm @ PLSHQ
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