OWWLAC Meeting, Tuesday November 27, 2018

Old business

Items delayed due to demands on CANS staff

Pending Patrons/online account requests

Investigate text notification set up for overdues, etc.

These topics deferred until 2019

Remove hold blocks - decision needed


Can we remove hold blocks? This will allow materials to be captured from Pull Lists, put in transit transit, and made available at pick up libraries. Checkouts will still be blocked, providing an opportunity to recoup fines owed.

Web Client update

22 in-library training sessions, reaching staff from 37 of 42 libraries! Additional sessions planned for December. Any libraries not reached will be contacted in January.

IDEALLY, we would like to have all libraries using the web client by Spring of 2019 (~April) so that we can upgrade to the next version (3.1) without rolling out another desktop client upgrade.

Update Evergreen staff login passwords

In January all official library Evergreen account passwords will be changed. Passwords will be changed on an annual basis. Most passwords have not been updated in over 15 YEARS.

Individual Evergreen staff usernames

As a security measure, PLS recommends (but not requires) implementing individual staff logins for evergreen.

Employee Confidentiality policy

Group Fines

Patron "groups" created by using the clone record function (common), or manual groups (not common) are now linked by more than just address. When one member of the group is blocked, ALL members of the group are blocked. Groups have been around for a long time, but the linked block is new default functionality of Evergreen version 3.0.

Do we want to keep this, or disable the functionality?

OWWLAC structure going forward

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