OWWLAC Meeting, Tuesday May 22, 2018

10:00am-12:00 at PLSHQ

Clarify In-System/Out-of-System language

We recently discovered inconsistencies in the language describing in-system and out-of-system patrons. The PLS charter states the service area of the Pioneer Library System as "the counties of Livingston, Ontario, Wayne, and Wyoming, state of New York". The PLS Direct Access Plan states "all member libraries offer direct access to all residents of the Pioneer Libraray system service area by means of a single, free, system-wide OWWL borrowing card."

Based on these official statements, PLS proposes to formalize the definitions of "in-system" and "out-of-system", and update various pieces of documentation accordingly.

Proposed definitions and guidelines sent via email (5/17/2008).

In-system and out-of-system patrons are referenced in the following PLUM documentation:

Language describing PLS service area will specify the four county, geographic area. Documentation will be updated to remove "tax supporting" terminology.

Past topic updates

30-day card expiration courtesy email notice language

Agreed to remove "visit your library" and replace with "contact your library" in email messages notifying patrons that their accounts need to be updated.

"Our records indicate that your library card will need to be renewed within the next 30 days. Please contact your local library at your convenience to confirm your account information and renew your card."

Updated library card registration form

Agreed on changes to internet use/computer use language, removing driver's license field, adding line to acknowledge that supplying an email address permits to the library to send library related email messages, and added current PLS logo.

CCLS project update

CCLS has decided not to pursue an Evergreen partnership with us.

Streamlining item statistical categories

Lindsay is still working out the logistics of removing the Collection Development, Electronic File Format, Genre, and Physical Format statistical categories particularly in regards to member libraries' copy record templates.

These stat cats are no longer required for new copy records. Lindsay and Kathryn will work with library holdings maintenance staff to update copy record templates.

Other topics

Other text/SMS notifications available?

OWWLAC is interested in pursuing additional options for sending text/SMS notifications to patrons. What options are available? How do patrons opt in to text notifications?


Get feedback from other libraries about text/SMS notifications for discussion at next meeting.

SMS notification templates currently available in Evergreen:
  • Overdue notices: 14 day, 28 day, and 42 day overdue notices
  • 3 day pre-due courtesy notice

Notice currently enabled:
  • Hold ready for pickup

Custom notice that can be configured:
  • Account expired or pre-expiration

Overdrive questions

Several Overdrive questions raised:
  • Is out-of-system patron use of Overdrive tracked?
  • Is Overdrive access blocked when patron's Evergreen library accounts are blocked (fines/overdues), expired, inactive, or otherwise in bad standing?

Lindsay will forward questions to Andrea.


  • Update in-system/out-of-system language in PLUM documentation - LS DONE
  • Update language in account renewal courtesy email notice - LS DONE
  • Patron registration forms - LS
  • Text/SMS notifications
    • Reach out to libraries to gauge library/patron interest in pursuing text notifications - ALL
    • Establish out of the box options for text notifications - LS
    • Add to next meeting agenda for reports
  • Overdrive questions - follow up with Andrea Snyder - LS

Next Meeting

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