OWWLAC Meeting, Tuesday, November 28, 2017

10:00-12:00pm, PLSHQ



PC Support policy proposals feedback

  • No support PCs that are more than 5 years old
  • No support for machines that are not running Windows Pro
  • Will provide consultation on creating technology plans

Privacy proposals feedback

  • OPAC searches - unsecured if not logged in
  • Report Browser login (implemented)
  • Re-writing PLS reports to minimize personal identification
  • Change LIBTECH and LIBCIRC passwords annually
  • Purge patrons records after 4 years expired (currently 6 years)

Question - Will lib account passwords be randomly generated, or will libraries be able to select their own? Please do not make them too complicated! When will passwords be changed? Lindsay suggests possibly January, but will clarify

Reports that contain personally identifying information that are used for critical library business (overdue notification lists, new users, etc.) will not be changed, but reports where patron ID or barcode is sufficient for library business (lost items) patron information will be removed. This is a low priority following password protection of reports.

Patrons Registration Form Printable - should be updated to include current logo; several recommended changes include: remove driver's licence from patron area and replace with an "ID verified" section in staff area, change "Internet Access" to "Computer Use". Not all libraries are aware that there is a standard form, that can be modified, available - promote it more.

Change marked lost time period

  • Overdue items marked lost after 8 weeks, proposal to reduce that period to 6 weeks

General agreement that patrons who have had materials for up to 9 weeks (loan plus renewals) do not need so much additional time to return or be billed for the item. Options proposed by the committee ranged from 2-6 weeks, committee settled on 4 weeks.

Automatic renewals feedback

  • Investigate Evergreen options for automatic renewals (Lindsay)

Evergreen does not currently offer this functionality. Another Evergreen consortia, MassLNC appears to be consider it, so there might be the opportunity to partner on development. The committee is undecided whether this would be beneficial. Concerns range from patron confusion over what will or won't be automatically renewed, patrons keeping materials for the full period even if not actively reading, items not being available for shelf browsing. The committee decided to table this discussion for the time being, but is open to reconsider.

Side topic to explore: can Evergreen settings be adjusted so that renewals will not be blocked for items where there are holds IF there are available copies elsewhere.

Fine Free Pilot program

  • Program set to begin, grant libraries are: ATT, BLO, MAR, NAP, PAL, PER, PHE, WADS, WOL

General discussion about the Kids Read Free program. Frank Sykes (LIV) discussed their fine free project, based on copy location.

2018 Scedule

4th Tuesdays: February 27, May 22, August 28, November 27. 10:00-12:00 at PLSHQ.

Dates have beena dded to the calendar

Library circ desk emails

General discussion of the use of generic library circ desk emails.

Committee agrees that checking these emails should be regualr practice for all libraries, at least once per open day. More patrons are replying to emailed notices (pre-due, account expiration, etc.) which go to the circ email; also, other libraries send to these emails, messages sent to generic emails are better than sending a message to a specific staff peson who may not be working or available to check their email regularly, and bounceback/error messages for text and emails go to these inboxes. The committee asks for clarification about the staff/desk/library emails, what they are, how they are accessed, login information, and re-directing to personal pls-net.org emails.

OWWLAC representatives

The term limits of two members of OWWLAC have been met: Diana Thorn (BLO) and Erin Robinson (CAS). Two new members will be selected.


  • Follow up with CANS and PLS Admin re: PC Support (LS)
  • Clarify password update process and timeline, communicate new passwords to libraries (LS)
  • Update Patron Registration Form (LS)
  • Update the assumed lost time period, update documentation, alert libraries (LS)
  • Clarify library generic emails (LS)
  • Select new representatives (LS)


  • PC Support proposals accepted
  • Privacy measures accepted
  • Patron Registration Form to be updated
  • Overdue materials to be assumed lost at 4 weeks overdue
  • Automatic renewal discsuiion tabled
  • RECOMMENDATION: All libraries should check their circ desk email inboxes at least once per open day

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