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OWWLAC Meeting, Tuesday, May 23, 2017

10:00-12:00, PLSHQ Board Room

Out of System Cards

Do we still need special cards for OOS patrons?

Definitions of "Out of System" patrons lacking in OWWL documentation.

Separate paperback and hardcover records

PROS: better service for placing holds on desired type of book, …

CONS: more "duplicate" records, identifying the correct record for a hold or holdings maintenance, …

Other implications for future data integity, such as grouping records and formats features in the catalog.

Aligning PLS cataloging policies with standard rules

Billing for Hold not picked up, Bookdrop, Postage, Failure to rewind

OWWLAC recommendation for billing for holds not picked up (2014)

Register accounts for inmates to be available to them on release

Request from Outreach/Correctional facility management
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