OWWLAC Meeting, Tuesday, September 27, 2016

At PLSHQ, 10:00-12:00

Attendence: Erin Robinson (CAS), Rebecca Budinger-Mulhern (AVO), Tracy Whitney (MAR), Elly Dawson (VIC), Lisa Gricius (WAR); Hope Decker (PLSHQ), Kathryn Riedender (PLSHQ), Lindsay Stratton (PLSHQ)

Excused: Diana Thorn (BLO), Beth List (WAL)

Meeting Notes: September 27, 2016 Notes

Follow up: video circ rules update

A change to circ rules processing order seems to have resolved the most common occasions of the wrong rule being applied at a checkout library.

Libraries asked if the names of video rules can be changed - yes, they can, but it is not simple.

  • Implement standard video rules for new video, video, video set circ modifiers
  • Circ modifier names will remain the same

Cancelling overdue multipart mailers

  • Lindsay will be contacting directors whose library's receive mailers to switch over to letters.

Limited custom text in self-print letters

Two options:
  • Custom text above item list
    overdue custom text above.png

  • Custom text below item list
    overdue custom text below.png

Collection evaluation reports

Experimenting with collection reports requested by Central Library

  • Erin Robinson (CAS) loves library collection reports! She will help anybody interested in running the Shelflist by Shelf Location or Call Number collection reports, and figuring out how to use Excel formulas to get even more information out of them
  • Lindsay Stratton (PLSHQ) is always open to questions about information about collection data, or other information that can come out of Evergreen - if there is something you are curious about, please send an email!
  • Lindsay Stratton and Hope Decker will work on a System Meeting program about library data - circulation, collection, and non-statistical "library stories". We think this would be an excellent panel discussion. Also, we will work on a hands-on workshop covering Excel basics, tips, and tricks aimed at directors.

Meeting schedule and roster

OWWLAC will need to replace three people for 2017. OWWLAC is composed of directors, and seats are generally filled with a preference for at least one member per county and representation of small, medium, and large libraries. We like to include a mix of new/recent directors as well as established directors. The PLS Executive Director has final approval of new members. Meeting are quarterly, generally held at PLSHQ on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 10:00am.

  • Current members think of people to nominate for 2017 OWWLAC - we need representation for Livingston, Wyoming, and Ontario. We will discuss nominations at the next meeting.

Next Meeting Tuesday, November 22, 2016

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