OWWLAC Meeting, Tuesday, November 24, 2015

10:00-12:00 at PLSHQ

Special Guest: Hope!

Proposed changes to OWWLAC

  • Change meeting frequency from every month to quarterly
  • Change Central Library standing position to a regular member position

All agree that reducing the meeting schedule from monthly to quarterly will make meeting attendance easier to manage, and might be incentive for some directors who are interested in OWWLAC service but not able to due to the high frequency. All agree that a strict quarterly schedule not necessarily the best - allowing for summer reading and winter holidays/weather desirable - but 4 meeting per year is a reasonable minimum. Proposed schedule: January, May, September, November; continue with the 4th Tuesday, at 10:00-12:00. If issues come up that need to be addressed without delay, special meetings can be called.

Given changes to member libraries, the role of Central, issues facing the system, and the ILS-centric focus of OWWLAC, it may be time to reconsider the Central Library's standing position on the committee. Chris Finger and Lauren Moore have approved the idea; Chris noted that he would prefer that at least one spot on OWWLAC be reserved to represent the highest circ volume libraries. All agree that the Central Library standing position can be changed into a regular committee member role, subject to term limits and assigned libraries for representation, and that ensuring that high volume libraries are represented will be a priority when selecting new members.

OWWLAC representatives

  • Expiring terms


Three committee positions will need to be filled for 2016.

Departing members are: Sandra Hylen (ONT/Wayne), Stacey Wicksall (MAC/Wayne), and Chris Finger (Central). Thank you all for your service!

Returning members are: Diana Thorn (BRI & BLO/Ontario), Erin Robinson (CAS/Wyoming), Lisa Gricius (WAR/Wyoming), Rebecca Budinger (AVO/Livingston).

Nominations are sought for three new committee members, to servce a minimum of 1 year term, to a maximum of 3 terms. Priorities for filling the empty positions are: Wayne county (no representation), high volume library (no representation). List of libraries ranked by 2014 total circ.

Title purchase requests

Test form: http://owwl.org/help/suggest-title-purchase

Query: What is the best way to handle patron requests for purchase?


Lindsay created this form in response to patron requests submitted to a generic "Contact Us" form. The goal is to provide better service to patrons, determine a reasonable workflow for PLS and member library staff. The form has been in place for several weeks with no publicity. It has generated about 7 submissions.

Committee members discussed various options, including developing a centralized purchasing process, similar to OWWL2Go purchasing,

Circulation limits follow up

Circulation Limit

Library Aware and Nextreads

Other issues

Credit card payments

There has been interest in accepting credit card payments for library bills, OWWLAC had a general discussion of issues. There should be further discussion.
  1. Data security
  2. Credit processing providers
  3. Expense
  4. Integration with Evergreen
  5. Payments on site, via library web pages, via OWWL.org
  6. If OWWL.org payments, how is money disbursed to libraries?
  7. Third party options


  • Update OWWLAC Bylaws for changes in schedule and membership - LS
  • Update Suggest a Title for Purchase form - LS
  • Solicit and submit nominations for OWWLAC members - ALL
  • Alert Directors to the existence of the Suggest a Title for Purchase form, and that they may receive emails forwarding submitted requests from patrons - ALL
  • Set up Library Aware accounts for OWWLAC members - LS
  • Attend December 18, following the System Meeting, Library Aware practice session - ALL


  • Starting in 2016, OWWLAC will meet at least 4 times per year, generally January, May, September, and November, on the 4th Tuesday of those months. Additional meetings may scheduled if needed.
  • Starting in 2016, the committee position traditionally reserved for the Central Library will become a regular member role. This will allow greater flexibility in selecting members so that all sizes of library and counties can be represented.
  • Three new members will be selected for 2016.
  • The Suggest a Title for Purchase form will no longer include the hold option, and will include a selection for primary library. Purchase requests will be forwarded by Lindsay to the director of the primary library specified. In the case of non-fiction materials, the request will be forwarded to the Central Book Aid purchasing queue. This process will be reviewed in 6 months.
  • OWWLAC members will serve as a test group for Library Aware and Nextreads to determine how to set up library users, branding, social media integration, and other usage issues and best practices. We will meet December 18, after the system meeting for hands on practice. The January 2016 system meeting, facilitated by Hope and Lindsay, will cover marketing/pr type communications, and will include discussion of Library Aware and Next Reads based on the OWWLAC member trials.
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