OWWLAC Meeting, Tuesday, September 22, 2015

PLSHQ Board Room, 10:00-12:00


Stacey Wicksall (MAC), Erin Robinson (CAS), Diana Thorn (BLO), Rebecca Budinger (AVO), Chris Finger (Central), Lisa Gricius (WAR), Lindsay Stratton (PLS)

Absent: Sandra Hylen (ONT)

Agency Card Agreement and Form updates

We reviewed and updated the Agency Account agreement and form. These documents had last been updated in 2011. References to former staff removed and language regarding account authorization clarified. As per OWWL Policiy accounts can be created for specified agencies, such as care facilities, to be used to borrow materials to support agency programs.

See also: Patrons Agency User Records

Fine report added to ad hoc

The Reports Bills Created has been added to the Ad Hoc Reports list. This report is intended to be used to get general statistical information about bills created during a specified time period. It is NOT intended to be used for reconciling financial reports. It was originally created for Macedon Public Library to track bills forgiven for their fine free program.

Libraries do not need to access this report.

Pop-up Library

PLS has received an RRLC technology grant with which we plan to develop a "pop up library". This will be a travelling library set up, including: table, tent, laptop installed with Evergreen, scanner, receipt printer, wifi hotspot, etc., that an be borrowed by libraries, taken to an offsite location (such as a county fair, or other event/location), and used to provide library services. PLS is still in the process of sourcing and purchasing the pop-up library components. More information about the pop-up library will be available at a later date.

OWWLAC discussed issues relating to offsite library services, such as what types of services should be provided, and other workflow issues. The consensus was that services provided by the pop-up library should follow all established local library policies and OWWL policies, exactly as they would be at the actual library building. Some reservations were expressed regarding handling fine payments and money, mainly related to keeping funds secure. However the group feels that this should be a local decision, and if libraries want to accept fine payments while off site, then they should do so, but be sure to take precautions such as having a locked money box, proper receipts, etc.

OWWLAC asks that language regarding liability for damage to the pop-up library components be added to forms used when requesting/borrowing the pop-up library.


Cash reports

Diana asked about other, non-staff client cash reports for Evergreen transactions. As discussed at the 6/23/2015 meeting detailed versions of the staff client CashReport are available on demand, but the regular cash report is sufficient for normal cash drawer reconcilition. Lindsay will improve the documentation for the detailed cash report, and alert member directors that this is an option.

Policies for cash handling

Rebecca asked about policies for cash handling, reporting, and financial reconciliation. The group agrees that this would be a good discussion topic, perhaps for a post-system meeting round table. Also of interest, discussing best practices for setting up cash registers. Lindsay will forward the proposal for a round table discussion to PLS admin.

System-wide online fine payments via credit card

Rebecca asked if implementing cooperative, online fine payment is on the PLS radar. Other systems, such as MCLS, offer this.

Some libraries offer credit card payments on their own, using services like Paypal or Square, buy a system-wide initiative is not a high priority at the moment. PLS has talked about about it, but the obstacles (cost, tracking and attributing payments, security) are considerable.

Reminder re: passthru payments

The committee asks for a reminder about the correct way to handle passthru payments be shared to the PLS community. Lindsay will write a reminder for PLS Notes.

Action Items

  • Forward feedback re: pop-up library to Pat Finnerty/PLS Outreach - LS
  • Write and share documentation re: Detailed Cash Reports - LS
  • Forward suggestions re: financial policies discussion group to PLS Admin - LS
  • Write and share reminder for passthru payments - LS
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