OWWLAC Meeting, Tuesday, November 25, 2014

1:30-3:30 at PLSHQ

2015 Membership

For 2015, we need to fill 1 position representing a low circ library from any county, although Livingston and Wyoming are the only two counties with only a single representative currently on OWWLAC.

Are there any nominations for this position?

Once we have a full roster, we need to consider how representing libraries are assigned.

At the last meeting we discussed assigning libraries by circulation/size - i.e. each OWWLAC member (excepting Geneva/Central) splits the 14 libraries within each grouping - rather than geography.

Incidentally, since Diana Thorn recently accepted the position of Library Manager at Bloomfield, this moves her to the medium circ segment. I am sure that she will be willing and capable of continuing to represent small libraries.

  • Submit nominations for a director of a low-circ library
  • Come to consensus regarding assignment of representing libraries

2015 Meeting Dates

  • January 27
  • February 24
  • March 24
  • April 28
  • May 26
  • June 23
  • July 28
  • August 25
  • September 22
  • October 27
  • November 24
  • December 22
The day ofter the February meeting - Wednesday, February 25 - is the NYLA Advocacy Day. If that creates a conflict we can either adjust our meeting date or cancel that month, depending on the situation.

Meeting dates are also listed here: Evergreen Advisory Committee Index

  • Please check and let me know of there are any other issues or conflicts.

Driver's License follow up

PLSDAC requests:
  • Reports of patron DL numbers
  • Timeline for capturing, removing data

PLS will not generate a report of patrons and driver's license numbers as this contradicts PLS recommendations for limiting printed reports including personally identifying information.

PLS plans to incorporate the removal of the Primary Identification field with the upgrade to Evergreen version 2.7. This is anticipated Spring 2015.

As a part of our Novelist subscription, patrons can sign up for email recommended reading lists.

These are similar to the Bookletters lists that we cancelled a year or so ago. The opt-in/sign up page is linked from the pls-net homepage via a "Sign Up" link in the page footer and owwl.org in the page footer and the http://owwl.org/resources page.

The titles in each list link into the catalog; if any of our libraries own copies in any format, they will display.

Info about the recommended reading lists is being published in today's (Monday, 11/24) Notes and is also attached here: Evergreen Tips: New in Owwl: Book Newsletters. Some patrons have already discovered the newsletters, but let's promote it.

Also part of this service is an Advance Titles List. This includes pre-pub titles that will appear on the recommended reading lists. I can't send it out automatically to others, but if there is interest I will manually forward it to d-all when it is available.

  • Encourage libraries to promote the recommended reading lists to patrons
  • Ask directors if there is interest in receiving Advance Titles list (I will do this all or none, so majority rules)

Still waiting for card mockups. Defer until next meeting.
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