OWWLAC Meeting, Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Rebecca Budinger (AVO), Chris Finger (CL), Carol Garland (SOD, for Sandra Hylen), Lisa Gricius (WAR), Diana Thorn (BRI), Theresa Streb (LYO), Stacey Wicksall (RJ), Lindsay Stratton (PLS)


Sandra Hylen (ONT)

Previous Meeting


Old Business / Updates from Previous Action Items

  • Reps - get feedback regarding representation via OWWLAC: are the interests of all size libraries represented on OWWLAC? General satisfaction with OWWLAC representation?
    • Discussion: issues persist relating to small libraries, particularly the most geographically isolated libraries. Members decided that the best course of action is to be particularly mindful that OWWLAC needs to think system-wide and be aware of small libraries' needs, and of effective communication - from representatives to represented libraries, of meeting agendas/outcomes via PLS Notes and minutes, etc.
  • LS - OWWL Access Agreement
    • The OWWL Access Agreement statements regarding library responsibilities vis a vis OWWLAC recommendations is still in sync with the OWWLAC Bylaws statements.
  • All - contact libraries re: questions/needs about using the reports; find member libraries who are willing to present their strategies/tips
    • Suggestions include a general interest in which reports are most necessary, and how to use the reports; issues relating to downloading as spreadsheets; focus on using the reports for weeding (example - the magazine circulation report to identify titles to cancel). No members willing to discuss how they use reports.
  • All - gather feedback re: registration paperwork retention
    • Wide disparity between libraries and their practices regarding registration paperwork. See discussion below.
  • All - gather feedback re: DOB entry format: 1/1/1970 vs. 02/13/1970
    • See discussion below

New Business

Patron Policies Review

OWWL Policy

Special notes:
  • Standard registration form - question regarding the "Internet Access Level" box - this is generally a stand in for intenet use, and the assumption that signing the library card means agreeing to library policies including an internet use policy. This corresponds to a checkbox in the Patron Registration / Edit form; the checkbox does NOT limit a patrons ability to checkout PC use. It is ONLY effective if the library uses the Cassie PC reservation system.
  • Registration paperwork retention - based on feedback given to representatives, there is a wide disparity in the length of time libraries keep registration paperwork. Following discussion, OWWLAC upholds the original (2005) recommendation to keep registration forms for at least three years of inactivity. This aligns with the timeframe used to "purge" expired accounts, which is three years of inactivity following the account expiration. The rationale is that the paperwork is the source of an official signature and is used to resolve duplicate record problems with sufficient regularity to justify keeping it.
    • Libraries may keep paperwork longer, but should not discard it earlier.
    • OWWLAC asks if it would be possible to generate a list of patrons whose paperwork could be discarded.
  • Replacing registration paperwork - new registration forms do not need to be filled out when updating an existing account. If new paperwork is requested - such updating a record for a patron who got their card as a child, or for a name change - the library should update the "Registration on file at" field in the patron account, and contact the original paperwork holding library so that they may update their files.
Other discussion:

  • Children and internet/materials access - brief discussion of children and access to internet/materials. All library computers have baseline protections due to CIPA; otherwise, libraries are not in loco parentis, so parents are responsible for their children and their use of libraries resources. Libraries should uphold the tenets of the Library Bill of Rights and Freedom to Read.
  • Fees for OOS cards - currently, only a few libraries (ATT and ARC) are chanrging for OOS cards; there is no movement at this time to standardize system wide fees. All patrons not living within the system service areas will be issued a yellow/purple OOS card.
  • Recommend a standard age for children to receive first library card - this is a suggestion from a member library. After discussion by the group, it was decided that this should be a local library policy, as each family/library/community is different, and unique circumstances should be taken into consideration.
  • Assigning new card to child when parents have fine and use of child's card by parents - these topics came up in the context of the minimum age for new patrons; at this time, these, too, should be local policies.


  • Follow up re: report of expired patrons for the purpose of updating paperwork files


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