OWWLAC Meeting, Tuesday, October 22, 2013


a. Grace (WADS), B. Horn (GPL/Central), S. Hylen (ONT), E. Robinson (CAS), T. Streb (LYO), L. Stratton (PLS)


M. Correia (CS), S. Wicksall (RJ)

Old Business / Updates from Previous Action Items

New Business

OWWL Policy discussions

  • Update EAC Grievance Policy - Inappropriate use of the Override section no longer applicable for new processes in Evergreen
  • Review various long-term policies from OWWL Policy that were established in the very early days of OWWL
  • Recommendations for handling other libraries' damaged / lost materials and processing fees
Discussion - Policies:

Grievance policy updated to reflect process for handling problems that may arise from use of the ILS that are contrary to OWWLAC recommendations. Specific OWWLAC recommendations are listed and defined in the OWWL Policy page.

OWWLAC will be working through the current procedures and policies to a) review existing procedures and policies, b) update or remove where necessary to reflect changes due to new ILS procedures, c) add policies where explicit statements are missing.

For next meeting: All - discuss policies in sections Checkout - Bills, review these topics prior to meeting; LS - update Standard Loan Policy page.

Discussion - Processing fees:

OWWLACS preference would be processing fees assigned via the system, automatically when items are marked lost and/or damaged. If this is an option and how it would work will determine next steps.

For next meeting:

LS - Look into options for processing fees to be added by system, related ILS workflow issues.

Report "taskforce"

Reporting is getting a bit out of control. We need to decide: should OWWLAC look at reports or do we need a special ad hoc working group?

While clarifying the reporting process, CANS will be putting a temporary moratorium on custom reports.


OWWLAC agrees that reviewing reports works well in the OWWLAC framework, we do not need a separate task force. OWWLAC will particularly focus on "standard" type reports - those reports that will be broadly applicable to all libraries.

During the CANS moratorium on new reports, requests can be submitted using the Request a Report form, but we may not be able to create them. We will be using requests to prioritize development. Currently existing standard reports, such as inventory reports and shelflists will still be produced.

CANS is working on a process to handle report development, and training more staff to create and manage them. Our current report priorities are the desk activity report and reports related to OSC audit issues.

Additionally, OWWLAC members suggested a training session/workshop, possibly at a system meeting, focussing on concrete ideas for handling various reports. Not what they are and where to find them, but practical workflow issues.

LS will propose this as a system meeting topic, and begin planning the workshop.

Cataloging Working Group

CANS is reforming the Cataloging committee to look at special cataloging issues.

Skype for meetings


OWWLAC members in favor of testing options for remote/video meetings. Using Google Hangouits was also mentioned as an option. One potential problem is the matter of web cams. Not many of our members have cams. All agreed that that some kind of video option is better than voice-only or conference calls.

Implementing remote meetings will probably wait until 2014, when we have the new member roster set.

Committee membership term expirations/renewals

As per the Bylaws, OWWLAC representatives can serve 3 consectutive one-year terms. The following members have reached term limits - E. Robinson, A. Grace, and M. Correia.

S. Wicksall and T. Streb have each served 2 consectutive one-year terms.


LS is working on potential replacements for 3 positions.

Updated Subscription Databases page



All agree new layout works well. [Page live on 10/29/13.]


  • All - review OWWL Policies sections Checkout - Bills, for discussion and updating at next meeting
  • LS - update Standard Loan Policy page: OWWL Standard Loan Rules
  • LS - look into options for processing fees to be added by system, related ILS workflow issues
  • LS - propose "best practices for handling reports" as a system meeting topic, and begin planning the workshop


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